Does Walmart Have A Fax Machine? [Other Places, Cost & More]

Does Walmart have fax services for customers? Can everyone use them? Here's the ultimate guide on Walmart's fax service.

With the variety of different services you can avail of at Walmart, there’s one common question that a lot of customers ask.

Does Walmart fax papers for customers?

While it isn’t as common in this day and age, there are still many people that fax papers for a variety of reasons.

And since fax machines are no longer a common household gadget, if you need to fax some papers, you probably need to find a public fax service.

In this guide, we’ll figure out whether or not there’s a public fax machine at Walmart if you can buy fax machines at Walmart, and other places and stores where you might find a public fax service.

Read on to learn more.

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Does Walmart Have Fax Services?

Best Time To Shop At Walmart

No, Walmart does not offer public fax services. So, Walmart customers in 2023 cannot go to Walmart to fax papers.

Since fax machines aren’t used in most workplaces for communication anymore, Walmart does not offer the service.

Does Walmart Sell Fax Machines?

While they do not have a public fax service, you can buy a variety of different fax machines at Walmart.

You can find all the different fax machines in-store at Walmart but they are also available on the Walmart online store for those shopping on the internet.

Just like any other product, the prices of Walmart fax machines may vary.

Customers can find options as low as $150, but more robust and complex models will have price tags at around $500.

What Stores Offer Fax Services?

fax machine service

Fax machines are no longer considered a mainstream means of communication. However, faxing is still used regularly in other locations, such as Japan and Germany.

So, if you don’t have a fax machine and you need to fax some papers to people in places where faxing is still a thing, you can go to a variety of stores for the service.

Local libraries usually offer public fax services, so customers can head there if needed.

Additionally, you can also head to office supply stores such as USPS stores and internet cafes, as these places might offer public faxing services.

How Much Do Fax Services Cost?

The cost of sending a fax can vary depending on a number of factors such as the store and location.

Some locations such as schools, public libraries, and offices may offer their faxing services for free. However, there are some places that will require a small fee to fax papers.

Stores that offer public faxing services will usually charge per page. The rate per page is very similar to the cost of making phone calls per minute at around 5 to 10 cents per page.

Fax machines make use of landline connections, so prices can also vary depending on where you are sending the fax.


Is Walmart A Franchise

No, you cannot find a public fax machine at Walmart. This is one of the services that aren’t offered by the store.So, if you need to fax papers, you’re better off heading to office supply stores, public libraries, or internet cafes.

With that said, Walmart does offer a fairly wide range of different fax machines. If you find yourself faxing papers regularly, you might want to consider investing in one yourself.

At Walmart, fax machine prices vary between $150-$500, depending on the brand and model of the machine.

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