7 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks [The Secrets To Save More]

Save tons of money by using these well-researched and awesome hidden Walmart clearance hacks. You'll be surprised how well they work!

One of Walmart’s main selling points is lower costs on everyday items. This is the essence of their “Everyday Low Price” promise.

And while certain products generally have lower prices at Walmart, there are other tips and tricks customers can use to save even more money when shopping at a Walmart.

Walmart clearance sales offer significant bargains, but customers need to know how to find them.

To help you save money on your next trip to Walmart, in this article, you can find seven clearance hacks for your next shopping trip so you can find the best deals out there.

Here are seven tips and tricks customers can use to save more money and find clearance items on Walmart.

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Use The Walmart App & Website

Walmart Website

The Walmart price scanner hack is a very well-known method to find discounts. However, customers can also use the Walmart app and website to the same effect and find big discounts.

The Walmart app offers a lot of benefits, especially when you use it in-store.


Because the Walmart app features a barcode scanner, which you can use to scan any item at the store to learn their current price.

This may be lower than the price listed on the shelves, and if it’s a clearance item, it will have a much lower price.

Clearance items usually have significant price drops that allow customers to save money when shopping.

The Walmart website also features easy ways to learn about clearance items.

When viewing items on the website, you type in “clearance” into the search bar and view all the items on clearance at Walmart.

Walmart’s prices on their website are typically lower than their in-store prices, and the same goes for Walmart clearance items.

Understand When To Shop For Clearance Items

Walmart store exterior

Shopping towards the end of the month will increase your chances of encountering larger discount prices.

Walmart begins marking down the prices of clearance items during the first week of the month.

As time goes by and the items aren’t sold out yet, Walmart will mark down the prices even more.

So, when customers shop at the end of the month, there’s a bigger chance the price on certain items will be significantly cheaper and lower than the original price.

Learn The Hidden Clearance Indicators

One of the easiest ways to find Walmart hidden clearance items is by learning the indicators of clearance items.

Commonly, clearance items at Walmart will be marked with a yellow bar on the price tag.

If you see a yellow sticker with either the number “5” or “0” on end, this means that the price has been marked down once.

Even better?

These items will likely see even bigger price drops as time goes by.

However, if you see the number “1” on the end of the sticker, which indicates that it is the lowest, the price will be marked down.

So, customers get the best discounts if they go for items with a yellow sticker with the number “1” at the end.

Avail Of Free Delivery Services

Courier with parcels on doorstep, closeup

Another secret hack for shopping at Walmart is using the free delivery services.

If your total bill amounts to $35 or more at Walmart, you can get them delivered to your door for free.

This saves you the hassle of loading your car with all the items and makes shopping more convenient.

Look In The Right Places

If you are looking to find Walmart hidden clearance items, always be sure to look at the end of the aisles.

While the clearance section of Walmart offers most of the clearance items, Walmart also stocks hidden clearance items at the ends and caps of aisles.

Use Hashtags On Social Media To Find Clearance Items

Hashtag Icon Social Media Blog Post Concept

When trying to find a Walmart hidden clearance online, social media is a straightforward way to do that.

A wide community of people are trying to find the best deals and bargains on Walmart and usually post photos of bargain items.

To find these posts, you can search hashtags such as #Walmartsale and #Walmartclearance and find a wide variety of different results.

Ask The Staff

Walmart Customer Service

Walmart clearance hacks take many shapes and forms. However, a widespread clearance hack is to ask the staff and employees at the store.

While the internet and all these other hacks help find better discounts, no one knows the store like the employees.

When finding good bargains and deals at Walmart, try asking a friendly staff member about the clearance items.

There’s a good chance that this person will tell you about the best items you can find on clearance or even guide you directly to them.


Bargains and highly competitive prices are some of Walmart’s signature qualities. And by looking at the hidden clearance items and using Walmart’s hidden clearance hacks, customers can save big when shopping.

When certain products and items are overstocked at Walmart, a clearance sale happens. These sales start with relatively small price drops, but the longer the item stays on the shelves, the better the discount.

Next time you’re at Walmart and looking to save on money, try out any of these Walmart clearance hacks. These tips and tricks can help you find the best prices on your favorite products through the price scanner, mobile app, website, and more.

With these Walmart hacks, you can take their “Everyday Low Price” promise to a whole new level.

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