Does Walmart Install Car Stereos? [How To Book, Cost & More]

Does Walmart do car stereo installations and how much does it cost if they do? Here's the ultimate guide with all the answers.

Customers can buy a bunch of different products from different brands at Walmart. This is one of the reasons they are the biggest retailer in the United States, claiming around 14% of the entire retail market. But another reason Walmart is so popular is because of all the services available through their different service centers like the Auto Center and MoneyCenter.

These services include installing tires that you bought at Walmart, oil changes, bill payments, and even cashing checks, which can make your weekly grocery trip more convenient.

But does Walmart do car stereo installation?

Since you can buy car stereos at Walmart and on the Walmart website, customers typically wonder if they can have the stereos installed at the store. Car stereos can be tough to install on your own, and getting a professional to do it ensures that your car and the stereo don’t receive any damage.

While you can book a car stereo installation through Walmart, the full answer is a bit more complex. And that’s why we’ve created this complete guide to Walmart car stereo installation and how you can book an installation yourself.

So, if you’re looking to get a car stereo installed at Walmart, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more.

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Walmart Car Stereo Installation – Do They Do It?

Walmart Auto Care Center

Walmart doesn’t offer car stereo installation through their Auto Center and other service areas. However, customers who buy car stereos through the Walmart website may book a car stereo installation session. These car stereo installation packages are available through Walmart’s partner, InstallerNet.

So, while you can avail of car stereo installation packages on the website, keep in mind that Walmart isn’t the one providing this service. You can only do this through the website, as Walmart doesn’t offer any in-store stereo installation services.

Additionally, not all the car stereos on are eligible for these services. The website contains a selection of different car stereos that can come with an installation package. So, depending on the model you’re buying, InstallerNet might not offer you an installation package.

How To Book A Walmart Car Stereo Installation

When you’re on the Walmart website, you can find the different car stereo installation packages available through InstallerNet. When doing this, you need to input the make, year, model, and other details of your car. Once you do that, you can view all the packages available for your specific vehicle.

From there, you can view the different services that InstallerNet offers. They can install different speaker systems, radios, and even install backup camera systems for you. Once you find the service you need, simply add it to your cart and proceed to checkout just like with any other product.

After you make the payment and complete the purchase, InstallerNet then sends an email to you within three business days with instructions on how to book your session at the most convenient time and location for you.

InstallerNet has over 1,5000 locations in the United States, so it is fairly easy for shoppers to find locations convenient for them. However, to ensure that you won’t be hassled by different locations, make sure to check the InstallerNet locations near you before buying an installation service.

How Much Does Walmart Charge To Install Car Stereos?

Overnight Parking Walmart

Again, Walmart doesn’t offer its own car stereo installation service. Instead, customers can only avail of it through InstallerNet, which is available on their website. The prices for car stereo installation may vary depending on your car, the stereo system, and even your location.

The base rate for car stereo installation through InstallerNet is $64.99, but for more advanced stereo systems such as ones with BlueTooth, you can expect to pay up to $100 for the service. But again, keep in mind that this depends on a number of different factors.

Can I Buy A Car Stereo At Walmart?

While they don’t offer installation services, you may avail of a wide array of car stereos at Walmart. They stock up on different brands and models, allowing customers to find one that suits their needs.

On top of that, you can even buy car stereo installation tool kits. That way, you won’t have to pay a professional to do the job and you can accomplish it yourself. This might take some time and effort, but it may be worth it for people looking to save on the costs of installing their new car stereo system.


Walmart parking lot

Walmart doesn’t offer car stereo installation services themselves. However, you can avail of the service through the Walmart website, but it is offered by InstallerNet.

On the website, you can purchase an installation service like any other product, then you will receive an email from InstallerNet within 3 business days with further instructions on how to book your session.

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