Does Walmart Laminate Documents & Cards? [Quick Guide]

Wondering if Walmart laminate documents and cards? Read on to know whether they offer this service and other alternatives, too.

Walmart is one of the most popular one-stop shops in the world. In fact, the classic brick-and-mortar retailer has even started expanding into the world of e-commerce, where they have started gaining ground on Amazon.

The reason the company is so popular is because of how convenient it is to shop there. Aside from the incredibly wide array of products on their shelves, customers can also access a variety of services.

Through the different centers at Walmart like the Auto Center and Money Center, customers can pay bills, get financing, install tires, and access a bunch of convenient services all at Walmart.

So, is document laminating one of these services?

If you need to get a card or set of documents laminated and you wonder if Walmart offers the service, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be diving into the Walmart lamination services,  whether or not why have it, and some alternatives to having your documents laminated at Walmart.

Read on to learn more.

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Does Walmart Laminate Cards And Documents?

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Currently, Walmart doesn’t offer any lamination services. While you can buy lamination equipment in Walmart stores and on the Walmart website, the Supercenter do not offer this service.

So, if you’re looking to get documents and cards laminated, don’t head to Walmart. Instead, you can go to Office Depot, Staples, and most of the different office supply stores you can find.

Why Are There No Walmart Lamination Services?

There is no definite reason Walmart doesn’t offer lamination services. This might be because their customers won’t exactly avail of the service, they don’t have the equipment to do it, or it might just be too expensive for Walmart to set up the service at their stores.

So, while there isn’t a reason that Walmart doesn’t offer lamination services, that doesn’t change the fact that they don’t offer them. That means that anyone looking for a place with lamination services should look at options besides Walmart.

Can You Buy Laminating Machines At Walmart?

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Even if you can’t get documents laminated at Walmart, you can potentially get the equipment you need for lamination at any Walmart Supercenter. At most Walmart stores, you can find a variety of laminating machines both in-store and online.

Walmart stocks up on both heatless and thermal laminating machines, so you can find just the right option that suits your needs. Basic lamination machines at Walmart can cost you around $60-$65, while heavy-duty lamination machines can cost as much as $70-$100.

The cost of the lamination machine largely depends on the make, model, and brand of the machine, so prices may vary.

Can You Buy Laminating Sheets At Walmart?

On top of laminating machines, you can also buy laminating sheets at Walmart. So, you can purchase complete laminating sets at most Walmart stores that you can use to tackle all of your laminating needs.

You can go to the office supply section of Walmart or the Walmart website to find laminating sheets. Walmart stocks up on popular stationery brands such as Stanley and Fellowes among many others.

However, all these sheets need a laminating machine. If you don’t have one at home you may also buy adhesive plastic sheets that can serve the same purpose.

For laminating sheets at Walmart, a pack of 50 sheets will likely cost you between $12-$13.

What Businesses Laminate Cards And Documents?

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If you need something laminated urgently, then you can proceed to just about any office supply store. Most stores such as Office Depot and Office Max are known for their wide variety of services that include document lamination.

At Office Depot stores, you can get same-day lamination. So, you can drop off the documents to have laminated and pick them up after a couple of minutes. Typically, businesses charge around $1.89-$2.00 per pouch or $2 per square foot.

However, remember that prices may vary depending on the store and location. So, make sure to check the store’s rates first before bringing in documents for lamination.

Other options aside from Office Depot and Office Max include FedEx offices, Staples, UPS, and local teacher supply stores.


As of 2023, Walmart doesn’t offer lamination services to customers. Instead, you can go to Walmart to purchase lamination machines and lamination sheets. Alternatively, you can go to office and teacher supply stores like Office Depot which offer the service for a fee.

The fee for lamination depends on the document and the store itself. However, most stores offer same-day lamination services so you can pick up your laminated documents a couple of minutes after dropping them off.

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