Walmart Makeup Return Policy [Used Cosmetics, Refunds & More]

What is Walmart return policy for makeup? Can you returned makeup to Walmart and what if you have opened the makeup? Here's the ultimate guide.

Among the many different products available at Walmart is a fairly varied range of makeup and cosmetics. At Walmart, you can find a bunch of popular cosmetics brands such as Garnier, Loreal, and Maybelline.

On top of that, there’s also a wide range of different products from facial washes and toners, all the way to lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, and just about everything to cover your makeup essentials.

But do these products fall under the same return policy as other Walmart items? What is the makeup return policy at Walmart?

In this article, we’ll be going through all you need to know about returning makeup to Walmart. We touch on how to return makeup items, whether or not you can return opened products, and even how to return makeup online.

Read on to learn more.

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Can You Return Makeup To Walmart?

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Yes, makeup at Walmart falls under the same return policy as any other product you buy there.

Walmart is known for its generous returns policy, and customers may even return their makeup and receive a refund at Walmart without a receipt. For makeup and other products at Walmart, customers have up to 90 days after the original purchase to return them.

With Walmart returns, customers can do the entire process online. If you choose to do this, you can head to the Walmart website to start the process and receive instructions on what you need to provide and how to ship to Walmart for free.

But if you choose to return the item in-store, all you have to do is bring the item and receipt to the customer service desk and let them know that you would want to make a return. From there, an associate will guide you through the process and give you the new product in exchange or provide you with a refund or store credit.

However, there are a few more details you need to know before returning a makeup product to your local Walmart.

Can You Exchange Makeup At Walmart?

When returning makeup to Walmart, you can ask for a full refund or exchange, if you have the receipt. However, keep in mind that you only have the choice between refunds or exchanges if the makeup is unopened.

Can You Return Opened Makeup To Walmart?

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Yes, if you have tried out the makeup product and aren’t happy with it for whatever reason, you can still return it to Walmart. However, unlike with unopened makeup products, the receipt is absolutely necessary for making a return. If you return opened makeup with the receipt to Walmart, you will be eligible for either store credit or an exchange.

Just like with other Walmart products, you can return opened makeup products within 90 days of the original purchase. If the 90-day window has passed, Walmart can reject your return, so if you’re unhappy with a makeup product from Walmart, we recommend going in to return it as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of a rejected return.

What Do I Need To Return Makeup To Walmart?

To return makeup at Walmart, you will need to bring the makeup you want to return. This is about all you need to bring since there are ways to make returns at Walmart without a receipt.

However, keep in mind that if you return an item to Walmart without a receipt, then you will no longer be eligible for a full refund. Instead, you will be given store credit as compensation.

Additionally, if you are returning opened makeup, it’s only eligible for a return and exchange if you bring the receipt with you. This is to confirm that this is the original product you purchased and you were the person who bought it.

The major reason returns get denied at Walmart is because Walmart cannot confirm that you made that specific purchase. So, to avoid these difficulties, we recommend keeping the original receipt until you are sure that you do not want the product anymore.

What Makeup Cannot Be Returned To Walmart?

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You can return all makeup items to Walmart and receive an exchange, refund, or store credit. However, when it comes to opened products and used makeup, the policy is a bit different.

To start, there are certain cosmetics and makeup products that cannot be returned if they have been opened. These are products that contain ORM-D packaging. If your product has this sticker, then you can only return it unopened and in the original packaging. These products include nail polish, perfumes, and aerosols.

However, even if the product has the ORM-D sticker, it still falls under the 90-day return policy. So, you can still return it, but you have to make sure it’s in the original packaging and hasn’t been opened since you purchased it.


If you bought makeup or cosmetic products at Walmart that didn’t satisfy you fully, you can still return them. And if the item doesn’t have an ORM-D sticker, then you can even return it if you have already opened and used the makeup.

Makeup falls under the 90-day return policy of Walmart. So, as long as it hasn’t been 90 days since your purchase, you can still return the product.

With that said, Walmart needs to confirm your purchase before approving the return. They can do this without the receipt, but for a smoother process, we highly recommend bringing the receipt with you when making a return.

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