Does Walmart Have A Notary? [Other Places, Charges & More]

Does Walmart notarize papers? If so, where can you find it and how do you use the notary services? Here are the answers you seek.

Walmart doesn’t just offer a wide range of products at competitive prices. The store is also known for offering a wide range of services ranging from car care, bill payments, and even a pharmacy.

This leads a lot of people to wonder if they can get papers notarized at Walmart.

The short answer? Yes.

The long answer is a bit more complicated. And in this guide, we’ll be diving into all the details of Walmart notary services, how they work, what papers you can notarize, and even how to find stors with Walmart notary services.

Read on to learn more.

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Does Walmart Notarize Papers?

Walmart Transfer Policy

Walmart itself doesn’t offer notary services. So, there is no official “Walmart notary service” available.

However, certain Walmart stores host businesses with the authority to notarize papers, making it more than possible to get your papers notarized at Walmart.

If your local Walmart has a bank or credit union, there’s a chance they may offer notary services.

With that said, keep in mind that not all Walmarts host these businesses, and it may be hard to find which Walmarts host notary services.

How Do Walmart Notary Services Work?

As said earlier, Walmart doesn’t offer notary services themselves.

However, Walmart does host many businesses such as banks that can notarize papers for you.

In fact, Walmart has even partnered up with banks to make their way into the banking business. So, there’s a pretty high chance you can find a business inside Walmart that offers notary services.

The notary services at Walmart will vary depending on the specific business offering the service.

Some may allow people to walk in and get their papers notarized, while others are only available by appointment.

On top of that, notarizing your papers can sometimes be free, but don’t be surprised if a business will charge you a small fee for their service.

If you’re a member of the bank or business where you’re getting papers notarized, then they likely won’t charge you anything. However, if you aren’t a member, they will likely charge a notarizing fee.

It’s always best to research the specific business before going to get papers notarized to make sure if the service is free or requires payment.

What Can I Get Notarized At Walmart?

Is Walmart A Franchise

The type of papers you can get notarized at Walmart largely depends on the business offering the service. So, you can expect a difference from store to store when it comes to the documents they can notarize.

With that said, there are some general documents that all notaries can notarize which are;

  • Affidavits
  • Powers of attorney
  • Rental agreements
  • Deeds of trust
  • Compliance agreements

Keep in mind, these are just the general papers that a notary public can notarize.

There is a wide range of different documents that can be notarized, and you can always ask the notary at the business whether or not they can notarize certain papers.

Which Stores Offer Walmart Notary Services?

There is no list out there that shows the different Walmart branches with notary services. On top of that, just because Walmart has a credit union or bank, there is no guarantee that they can notarize your papers.

As mentioned earlier, you can get your papers notarized at certain Walmart locations, but not at all.

So, before heading to Walmart with your papers, try and look around to find businesses such as banks that offer the service, ask if they can notarize your papers, then head back at another time.


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So, at the end of the day, Walmart doesn’t offer notary services. However, customers may get their papers notarized at certain Walmart locations. This is because some Walmarts have businesses such as banks and credit unions inside, which offer notarizing services.

Sometimes, you can find banks and businesses in Walmart that offer free notarizing services, but if you aren’t a member of the business, don’t be surprised if you have to pay.

There isn’t a definitive list of Walmart stores out there with notary services, so make sure to check your local Walmart first to see if there are any businesses that can potentially notarize your papers.

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