How Much Is An Oil Change At Walmart? (Price, Type, Time & Locations)

Is Walmart doing oil changes and if they do, how much does an oil change at Walmart cost? Here's a simple guide with all the answers you seek.

If you have ever had trouble booking in for an oil change due to the auto repair shop being booked fully up, you might’ve asked yourself: Is Walmart doing oil changes?

Fortunately, Walmart offers a variety of oil change services through its Auto Care Centers. Its prices and quality compete with leading automotive businesses such as Jiffy Lube and Valvoline.

So whenever your car is ready for an oil change, you might want to consider Walmart’s Auto Centers. But you might have been wondering: how much is an oil change at Walmart, and how long does it take?

Well, Walmart’s oil change cost from $19.88 to $49.88 and take about 15 minutes.

Read on to get more details on Walmart’s oil change prices, services, and more.

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What Are Walmart Oil Change Services?

oil change

Walmart Auto Centers offer four oil change services: pit crew, standard, high mileage, semi-synthetic, and synthetic.

Bear in mind that the service you should choose depends on your car model, mileage, and year.

Here’s a closer look at each one.

Pit Crew Oil Change: $19.88

While the pit crew is the basic plan, it includes more than just oil change. Primarily, Walmart’s technicians will refill your car with 5 quarts of Motor Oil, the conventional yet durable oil from Quaker State.

Moreover, they will check your battery’s performance and adjust your tires to the optimum pressure.

In addition to the oil top-up, you will get a new oil filter and chassis lube.

Standard Oil Change: $29.88

The standard oil change from Walmart includes more services than the pit crew but the same oil.

The standard plan gives you a refill of conventional oil, usually Quaker State’s Motor Oil, transmission fluid, washer fluid, power steering fluid, and differential fluid.

In addition to the services included in the pit crew oil change, you will also get an air filter, wiper blades, and lights check.

But that’s not all.

This plan also includes interior vacuuming and windshield wash, leaving you with a nice and clean car that also functions well.

High Mileage Oil Change: $35.88

If your car has more than 75,000 miles on its odometer, Walmart’s high mileage oil change might be an excellent choice for you.

Depending on your preference and your car manufacturer’s recommendation, you will choose between a high mileage oil and semi-synthetic oil.

High mileage oil is specifically designed to provide increased protection against oil burn-off and leakage for high mileage cars.

Meanwhile, semi-synthetic oil is geared towards new cars. It provides better engine protection.

In addition to 5 quarts of the oil of your choice, Walmart’s auto technicians will offer you all the services included in the standard oil change service.

Semi-synthetic Oil Change: $39.88

Walmart’s semi-synthetic oil meets the standards and specifications of the industry. It’s an excellent option for new cars and cars with high numbers of miles.

That’s because it protects your engine much better than conventional oil, and it circulates relatively faster.

Semi-synthetic oil change gives you the same lube services as the standard oil change service.

Synthetic Oil Change: $49.88

Also known as Walmart’s Power and Performance service, the synthetic oil change tops up your car with 5 quarts of fully synthetic oil for ideal protection and special additives to boost the performance.

Synthetic oil is highly recommended for new cars, sports cars, and luxurious cars as it complements and enhances their performance.

In addition to synthetic oil, your car receives lube services, vacuuming, and all the other services included in the standard oil change service.

How Much Is An Oil Change At Walmart?

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Walmart provides the cheapest oil change services among the USA’s top oil change providers: Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Firestone Complete Auto Care, Jiffy Lube, and Pep Boys.

Here are the Walmart oil change costs:

  • Pit Crew Oil Change: $19.88
  • Standard Oil Change: $29.88
  • High Mileage Oil Change: $35.88
  • Semi-Synthetic Oil Change: $39.88
  • Synthetic Oil Change: $49.88

Walmart’s oil change prices are comparable to DIY prices, but Walmart’s additional services are worth the extra bucks.

What Are The Oil Types Used At Walmart Auto Centers

Generally, Walmart Auto Care Centers use Quaker State oils, but they might use different brands and types depending on your car’s model, mileage, and year of manufacture.

Where To Find The Nearest Walmart Oil Change

Walmart Auto Care Center

There are currently 2500 Walmart stores with Auto Care Centers. Walmart’s store finder is the best way to find the nearest oil change providers using your zip code or city.

You can filter the stores by clicking on the menu icon and selecting Auto Care Centers.

Walmart Auto Care Centers Working Hours

Walmart Auto Care Centers generally work Monday to Sunday from 7 AM to 7 PM. Some stores might have a different schedule, so make sure you check your local store’s working hours.

Why Change Oil At Walmart Auto Care Centers?

There are many benefits to having your oil changed at Walmart Auto Care Centers;


Walmart Auto Care Centers have very affordable prices compared to the other auto mechanics across the country, making them one of the best oil change providers in terms of affordability. Bear in mind that Walmart’s prices include other services besides oil top-up.


Walmart’s oil change is carried out by certified auto technicians and uses renowned oil brands. According to Time Meets Road. Walmart’s oil changes are statistically successful and durable.


Walmart Oil change services are generally quick. It typically takes 15 to 30 minutes to get your oil changed at Walmart.


Oil change prices at Walmart are surprisingly low compared to the other reputed oil change providers. They start at $19.88 for the basic oil change and $49.88 for the synthetic oil change.

Along with your preferred oil, Walmart gives you a new oil filter, chassis lube, fluids refill, and a lot more.

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