Will Walmart Put Old Lenses In New Frames? [Simple Guide]

Is it true that Walmart allows you to put old lenses in new frames? How much does it cost? Here's the ultimate guide with all the answers.

Among the many things people can buy at Walmart are glasses frames. In fact, through the Walmart Vision Centers, you can also receive full eye checkups and receive prescriptions for glasses.

But will Walmart install the lenses in the frames for you?

Or will you have to go to a separate store for that service?

In this article, we’ll be taking a close look at the Walmart Vision Center, how they work, whether they will put lenses in your frames, and how much it will cost you to do that.

So, if you’re considering the Walmart Vision Center for your next eye check-up, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn more.

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Does Walmart Put Lenses In Frames?

Walmart Vision Center

Yes, if you get an eye check-up at Walmart and you need new lenses, you can buy the lenses there and install them in the frames.

You can even find a wide variety of different frames available at Walmart, each designed to fit different tastes.

And despite the frames all being authentic and original, Walmart sells them at fairly competitive prices, allowing users to potentially save some money on glasses.

Will Walmart Put Old Lenses On New Frames?

If you bought a new pair of frames and want your old lenses installed in it, you can get that done at Walmart. However, keep in mind that this won’t work for all lens-frame pairings.

For Walmart to be able to install old lenses into new frames, you need to make sure the lens fits the frames properly. If not, you will have to buy a different size and have those installed on your new frames.

Additionally, the lenses have to be in good condition. If you try to install old and broken lenses on new frames at Walmart, they might not be able to do it for you.

So, if you plan on installing old frames on new lenses, you first have to make sure that the lenses are undamaged and have no chips and cracks at all.

How Much Does It Cost To Put Lenses In Frames At Walmart?

money in wallet

If you plan on installing old lenses into new frames at Walmart, there is usually no cost for the service. However, the catch is that you have to purchase the new frames at the Vision Center.

If the frames weren’t purchased at the Vision Center, Walmart will not be able to install them for you.

Will Walmart Put Old Lenses In New Frames?

Yes, some Walmart Vision Centers will be able to put your old lenses in new frames.

However, for this to happen, you need to buy at least one of the products at the Vision Center.

This service usually has no additional cost, but to make sure, it’s best to use the Walmart Store Finder and call your local store to ask.


eyeglasses for eye checkup patient

If you want to get a new pair of frames but don’t want to buy new lenses, you can buy the frames at Walmart and have them installed with no additional cost. However, you have to make sure that you bought the frames at Walmart.

Walmart’s Vision Center can install any lenses on any frames for no cost as long as you bought one of the products at the Vision Center. Additionally, this may not apply to all Walmarts, so it’s best to call your local store first to find out.

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