Why Is My Walmart Order Taking So Long To Process? [Answered]

Experiencing a delay on your Walmart order? We researched all the possible reasons why Walmart order takes so long to process. Here's what we found.

The world of retail is always changing. And for Walmart to be able to stay relevant for as long as it has, it had to keep up with the times.

At the start, that meant offering a wide variety of brands at competitive prices. But in this day and age, customers are looking for convenience. That’s why e-commerce websites like Amazon are some of the most successful businesses in the world.

And to take their own piece of the massive e-commerce market, Walmart has been actively investing in their own e-commerce platform. This means that customers can now order a wide variety of products on the Walmart website and have them delivered straight to their door.

But since Walmart is fairly new to e-commerce, their system is not as fluid as Amazon’s, a company that has created an almost seamless processing and shipping system that allows customers to always receive orders on time.

So, when you order from Walmart, there may be a chance that your shipment will be delayed. And in this guide, we’ll be trying to answer why.

We discuss some of the reasons your Walmart order is taking longer than expected, how long Walmart usually takes to process orders and even some things you can do to speed up the process if ever your Walmart delivery is delayed.

Read on to learn more.

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Why Does Walmart Take So Long To Ship?

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The main reason for this is that Walmart doesn’t have as seamless a shipping system as Amazon. And if you look at the bigger picture, Walmart doesn’t take long to ship, it’s just that some other e-commerce platforms ship and process orders so fast and efficiently that Walmart can get left in the dust.

For example, Amazon has its own shipping system and service. This allows them to handle all the shipping logistics in-house, which makes them more efficient.

On the flip side, Walmart relies on third-party shipping services. So, even if your order is processed and out of the Walmart warehouse within a couple of hours, the shipping company could be delayed for a number of reasons, which is why some customers have to wait days for their order.

How Long Does It Take Walmart To Process An Order?

Typically, it only takes Walmart between 2-4 hours to process an order. So, the second you place an order and pay for a product on the Walmart website, associates get to work on processing the order to ship it out.

However, there may be some cases where your order is still “processing” days after placing it.

The main reason for this is stock discrepancies. If your order is out of stock, then it turns into what’s called a backorder. Backorders occur when the item is not available or in stock. So, it takes longer to process these orders.

Walmart can only change a product’s status from “processing” to “shipping” after they restock on the item. Depending on the product and whether or not you ordered from Walmart or a third-party vendor on the site, it can take a couple of days for your product to restock.

What To Do When My Walmart Order Is Delayed

There isn’t much that customers can do to speed up their Walmart orders. Sadly, the second you place the order, you can’t call Walmart or file a complaint to speed up the process.

However, if you really aren’t keen on waiting, you may cancel your order before it’s shipped to your address. That way, you can receive a full refund without having to deal with pesky returns.

You can cancel an order on the website or call the Walmart customer service hotline where an associate can guide you through the process. We recommend calling the Walmart hotline when canceling an order, as some customers report receiving compensation for the late or canceled order.

With that said, it isn’t a rule for Walmart associates to offer compensation it’s just that some customers were able to receive compensation. But if you state your case nicely and politely, you can increase your chances of receiving some sort of compensation.

Can I Track My Walmart Order?

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Yes, to track your Walmart order, all you have to do is log in to your account. From there, you can click on the top-right corner of the page and select the “Track My Order” option.

When tracking your order, you can view if it’s processing or shipping, where your order is currently, and the expected time of delivery. To track an order, however, you need to input the order confirmation number, which Walmart will email to you whenever you place an order.


Walmart orders can take long for a number of reasons, but the main reason is that Walmart doesn’t handle shipping in-house. So, there are different factors such as problems with the shipping company that can delay your order.

Currently, there isn’t much that Walmart customers can do to speed up the Walmart delivery process. This is because the Walmart website hosts a lot of third-party vendors, who restock items at different times, which can cause major delays.

If you no longer want to wait for your delayed order, you can call Walmart’s customer service hotline to cancel your order and receive a full refund. And depending on the operator, you may even receive some sort of compensation for the delay, but this is not the policy, it’s just something some associates offer customers.

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