What Is Walmart Pay? [How It Works, Setting-Up, Safety & More]

Here's a short guide explaining what Walmart Pay is and how to set it up. We also explain how you use it and if you can get cash back with Walmart Pay.

As one of the largest grocery chains out there, Walmart constantly needs to evolve and keep up with the times. And one of the ways Walmart does this is through accepting digital payments.

In this day and age, studies have shown that over 1 in 4 Americans uses some sort of digital payment. And to keep up with this trend, Walmart introduced a new digital wallet integrated with the Walmart app called Walmart Pay.

So, what is Walmart Pay?

Walmart Pay is simply a digital wallet that customers can use to make digital and Walmart contactless payments at stores. The Walmart Pay feature is part of the Walmart smartphone app available for both Android and Apple devices.

With Walmart Pay, customers can connect their debit card and credit card, and even gift cards for a convenient and safe way to shop at Walmart.

In this guide, we explain how you can use Walmart Pay for your shopping. We explain how to set it up, how it works, the safety of Walmart pay, as well as where you can use the digital wallet.

Keep reading to learn more.

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How To Setup Walmart Pay

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To start, you will need to open the Walmart smartphone app. If you don’t have it downloaded, you can head to the app store and download it and create an account. From there, you can start setting up the Walmart Pay feature.

On the app, you have to select the “services” option on the menu then select “Walmart Pay.” From there, the app will give you all the detailed instructions which you need to follow.

This includes inputting your Walmart app login information and then adding your payment option. You can connect your debit card, credit card, and gift cards to the Walmart Pay features as your payment option.

Once you do all of that, all you have to do next is wait as the app sets up your digital wallet.

Once the setup is confirmed, the next step is to press the “Got it!” button then you can start using the Walmart Pay digital wallet for purchases at any Walmart store.

How Do You Use Walmart Pay?

When at a physical Walmart store, you can use the Walmart Pay feature during checkout. You can use it either during self-checkout or cashier-assisted checkout. When using Walmart Pay, the process is completely contactless and very fast.

On the Walmart Pay feature, you can generate a QR code to pay for products or services. Afterward, you will need to scan the QR code using either the debit screen reader or kiosk display screen. From there, the payment will sync up and process.

To accomplish this, however, you will need to provide the pin or biometrics you use to log in to your phone for added safety. Once the transaction is complete and fully processed, a sound will play and you’ll receive a digital receipt on the Walmart app.

How Does Walmart Pay Work?

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Walmart Pay is similar to a traditional wallet, except that it’s digital. That means you can connect your debit and credit cards to the wallet and then use it to make convenient and contactless payments when shopping at Walmart.

When customers use Walmart Pay, all they have to do is scan the barcode on their phone using the reader at the cashier. From there, the wallet automatically syncs up with the system, sends the payment, then you will receive a digital receipt as proof of purchase.

When using Walmart Pay, the app utilizes a variety of SSL security measures to keep your wallet safe. This may include providing a pin or biometric information when making a purchase to verify that it is you using the app.

Do You Get Cash Back With Walmart Pay?

Using Walmart Pay at the register will not result in you receiving any cashback.

However, if the card that’s connected to your Walmart Pay receives rewards and cash backs when used for purchases, you will receive the rewards all the same.

Can I Split Walmart Pay Payments?

If you’re at the register and want to use Walmart Pay for 50% of the bill and another payment method for the other 50%, that is completely possible at the register.

Along with Walmart Pay, you can pay with cash, credit card, debit card, EBT/SNAP/WIC, and even use your Walmart Gift Card balance.

Is There A Different Line For Walmart Pay?

There is no dedicated Walmart Pay line at the register.

Whether you’re using Walmart Pay or any other payment method for your purchase, you will have to line up in the same self-checkout or cashier-assisted register.

What Is The Difference Between The Walmart App And Walmart Pay?

Walmart app icon

Walmart Pay is a feature of the Walmart App. They are not separate pieces of software and instead, the former is directly integrated into the latter.

The Walmart App allows customers to do a lot of things such as the search for stores, find different services, and even shop online.

On the other hand, the Walmart Pay feature is strictly a digital wallet connected to your different cards.

You can do many things with the Walmart App but you can only make payments with Walmart Pay, which is the most significant difference between the two.

Can I Use Walmart Pay Online?

You cannot use Walmart Pay to purchase items online, even if you’re buying directly on the Walmart app or on the Walmart website.

The reason for this is that you need a QR code reader to process the payment, which is only available at the physical Walmart stores.

On top of that, it’s important to remember that Walmart Pay is only for Walmart. You cannot use the digital wallet at gas stations, even if they are affiliated with Walmart.

Additionally, you can’t use Walmart Pay to make purchases at Sam’s Club or EBT/SNAP/WIC purchases.

Is Walmart Pay Safe?

Yes, Walmart Pay is generally safe. Since it’s a digital wallet, many people are hesitant about the service. However, there are numerous security measures in place to verify that it’s you making the payments every single time you use Walmart Pay.

The Walmart Pay wallet is very similar to other options out there such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. All of these wallets put security as their top priority and are constantly updating their security measures to make sure your funds are as safe as possible.

What Payment Methods Can You Use With Walmart Pay?

When using Walmart Pay, you have to connect to another payment method. Walmart Pay is not a bank account and to add funds to your Walmart Pay account, you need to connect a source of the funds.

You can connect just about any major credit or debit card to Walmart Pay and you can also use Walmart Gift cards and e-gift cards.

The one thing you cannot do is directly link Walmart Pay to a checking account.

Can You Return Items That Were Paid For With Walmart Pay?

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Yes, even if your payment method was Walmart Pay, the items still fall under the same returns policy. This is a 90-day return policy for most of the items, however, laptops and computers only fall under a 15-day returns window, which is important to remember.

When returning items paid for with Walmart Pay, the process is similar to any other returns. It’s encouraged to bring the original receipt, as that results in you getting a full cash refund and the original packaging of the product is a requirement.

If you don’t have the original receipt, there’s a chance you will only receive store credit and not a full cash refund for the returns. For more information, check out this complete guide to making Walmart returns without a receipt.

You can make returns either in-store through the customer service desk or you can also use the Mobile Express Returns feature on the Walmart App.

Make The Most Out Of Walmart Pay

You cannot earn cashback or rewards from the Walmart Pay digital wallet. However, you can still make the most out of the Walmart App feature by connecting credit and debit cards that collect rewards.

When you make a purchase with Walmart Pay and it’s connected to cards that earn rewards, you will still earn the rewards as if you used the physical card as payment.

You can even connect the new Capital One Walmart rewards credit card that can garner many rewards when used at Walmart that you can use later on when you need it.

Can I Use Coupons With Walmart Pay?

Yes, you can use coupons with Walmart Pay. However, you will need to scan these coupons using the scanner on the checkout lane.

Since you need to scan the coupons physically, this only works with paper coupons and digital coupons will not work with Walmart Pay.


Walmart store exterior

Walmart Pay is a digital wallet directly integrated with the Walmart App to give shoppers a convenient way to pay for their purchases at Walmart. You can connect your credit and debit cards to the wallet and scan a simple QR code at the checkout lane for a streamlined, safe, and contactless payment at any Walmart store.

You can set up your Walmart Pay through the app as the instructions are laid out very clearly. Additionally, Walmart Pay can only be used at Walmart stores. Gas stations, Sam’s Club, the Walmart website, and other stores will not accept Walmart Pay as a payment option.

You can use Walmart Pay at both self-checkout and cashier assisted registers, and if you connect a card that earns rewards to the wallet, you will still earn and garner rewards whenever you use Walmart Pay.

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