Walmart Paycheck Stubs [How To Access, Information & More]

If you're new at Walmart and want to learn what Walmart paycheck stubs are, we got you covered. Here's your complete guide to Walmart paycheck stubs.

Walmart is a big company. In the United States alone, Walmart employs over 1.6 million people. On top of that, Walmart operates in over 24 countries, so that means there are a whole lot of people who work at Walmart.

And if you work at Walmart, you may already understand the importance of the employee pay stub. But if you’ve just started working at Walmart and want to understand what a paystub is, how to get it, and what information you can find on it, you’ve come to the right place.

An employee pay stub is crucial for any worker to keep track of their pay. You can view how many hours you have worked, the tax deductions, and most importantly: the net pay. So, in the event of disputes, you can use the paystub as an accurate reference.

That’s why we’ve decided to write a complete guide to getting your employee paystubs and more.

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How Do I Get My Walmart Paystub?

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Since a paycheck stub is so important, Walmart makes it easy for employees to access it. When you start working at Walmart, you’re given access to the OneWalmart portal, which is where employees keep track of their hours, report absences, and access your paystub.

On the OneWalmart home page, there is a tab that says “online paystub”. From there, you need to sign in to the portal with your log-in details and then view your most recent paystub, with all the necessary details.

From there, employees can either download the digital paystub or print it out for reference. On top of that, the portal allows users to view previous paycheck stubs and records.

Can I Get My Walmart Paystub After Quitting?

Accessing paystubs while you work at Walmart is easy. However, if you leave the company for whatever reason, the process may be a bit more complicated.

If you quit your job at Walmart, you may still have access to the portal. If you still have access, you can still download and print out your last and most recent paystub. However, if you don’t have access, you might have to call your local Walmart branch and ask for a copy.

What Is On Walmart Employee Paystubs?

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Walmart paycheck stubs are the most accurate reference you can have for your pay while working at Walmart. On the paystubs, you can find all the information you’ll need, such as the;

  • The amount of pay before deductions
  • The beginning and end of the pay period
  • The amount you receive after deductions
  • A detailed breakdown of the deductions such as social security, healthcare, and insurance
  • The amount you chose to put into pension or retirement (optional)

How Do I See My Walmart Paystub Without A Computer?

If you aren’t at home and cant access your computer, you can check for your Walmart paystub through your phone. To do this, you need the OneWalmart app, where you can check on and download your paystub.

If you don’t have your phone with you, you can proceed to the training or personnel rooms at the Walmart where you work. In these rooms, you can find touchscreen computers that give you access to the OneWalmart homepage.

And if neither of the above methods is available to you, you may also speak to your manager and supervisor to request a copy. When you ask your manager or supervisor, you only receive a printed copy.

For a digital PDF copy of your paystub, you need to use the OneWalmart portal.


If you’ve just started your job at Walmart, it’s crucial to understand the importance of your employee paycheck stubs. We highly recommend securing a copy of all your paystubs as a reference if ever there is a dispute.

To get your paystubs, you can simply use the OneWalmart portal, wherein you can download a digital version and print out a physical copy yourself. There are also a couple of ways to get your paystub while at work if you have the OneWalmart app on your phone or by going to the personnel rooms.

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