Walmart Pre-Order Policy [Process, When They Charge & More]

What does Walmart charge for preorders? How do you pre-order at Walmart? Here's a simple guide that explains Walmart's pre-order policy.

The release of a new product is very exciting, and a lot of times, customers struggle to get their hands on a product as soon as it’s released.

For example, when the iPhone X was released, it sold out in a matter of minutes, depriving many customers of the chance to get the new iPhone right away.

Since Walmart constantly stocks up on the newest products on the market, they have a pre-ordering process to give customers an edge over others in securing a new item once it hits the market.

While the pre-ordering policy of Walmart allows customers to secure their slot for certain products the second they hit the shelves, not a lot of people know how this process actually works.

Walmart customers have the privilege of ordering products before their official release date. This is known as pre-ordering and is available for a number of new products that are soon to hit shelves.

In this guide, we get into everything you need to know about the Walmart Pre-Order policy, how to pre-order, and some other important things to remember.

Read on to learn more.

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How Does Walmart Pre-Order Work?

Walmart Website

Most of the Walmart pre-orders are done on the Walmart website. Before the release date of a product, Walmart will announce the pre-order date, which is when customers can start reserving their product.

When you pre-order a product, you will be able to add it to your cart right away on the release date. You add the products to your cart just like when shopping online regularly and you can even apply discounts and vouchers the same way.

If there are highly in-demand products, Walmart usually puts a cap on the pre-orders. If you miss this cap, you’ll have to wait until the next release or launch to get your hands on the product.

Once your pre-order is confirmed, you’ll receive an email from Walmart to confirm the order with the expected delivery date or dates.

How To Pre-Order From Walmart

If there’s a new product launching soon and you want to get your hands on one as soon as possible, you can pre-order them on the Walmart website.

Once the pre-order dates are released, you can head to the website or open the Walmart app to place the order. Remember, for items that have high demand, there is a cap on the pre-orders, so you have to act fast to ensure your slot.

Once you have confirmed your pre-order and paid for it, all you have to do is wait for the release or launch date. When the day arrives, you can add the item to your cart and checkout like you would when ordering any other product online.

Does Walmart Charge Immediately For Pre-Orders?

Walmart app icon

Once you confirm your pre-order, you will be charged.

If you choose a debit card as the payment option, the funds will be deducted from your account once you place the order. The same goes for any other payment method such as gift cards, PayPal, or rewards cards.

However, if you use a credit card for payment, the item is usually charged to your account the day it is shipped. For this reason, customers need to make sure that their credit card is valid up until the expected date of delivery.

If the item is ready to ship and your card expired, then Walmart may cancel your order and you won’t receive the product.

When Do Pre-Orders Arrive?

When a product sells out, it creates a sense of urgency among shoppers, which is why pre-ordering is a very popular option for many consumers. Because of this, Walmart tries its best to always deliver pre-ordered products on the day of the release.

To do this, they may start shipping the product a few days before the official launch so that it arrives at your doorstep the day of the release. However, this may vary depending on a number of reasons including your location, the product you ordered, and other variables.

Before shipping out your product, Walmart usually sends their customers a notification informing them that the product is on the way with the expected delivery dates. That way, customers stay informed during the whole process and can track their orders.

Higher demands may result in your order being delayed. At times, some customers have reported that their pre-ordered products arrived within 2-3 days after the official release or launch.

What Can I Pre-Order From Walmart?

How To Cancel A Walmart Order

Whenever a new product is launched, Walmart is a great place to find it. Since the store is constantly restocking and ensuring they have the latest gadgets, you can usually find the newest and hottest products on their site or in their stores.

With that, customers have the privilege of pre-ordering a wide variety of things such as electronics, music, film, and other art products. The type of products you can pre-order changes regularly with the market, however here are some examples of things you might find available for pre-order;

  • The newest iPhone or smartphone
  • The latest gaming consoles
  • Video games
  • Collectibles like limited edition action figures
  • Books
  • Music and albums
  • Films on Blu-Ray and DVD

Canceling Walmart Pre-Ordered Products

If your order is still being processed, you can cancel it on the Walmart website. You can do this by logging on to the app and viewing your purchase history.

In your history, if the “Request Cancellation” button is available, that means that you can still cancel your order. Simply press the button and follow the prompts accordingly to start and finish the process.

However, if this option isn’t available then you cannot cancel your order. Once items have been shipped, the order can no longer be canceled.

If you requested a cancellation, you will receive a confirmation email from Walmart to let you know that you have successfully canceled your order. And if Walmart can’t fulfill your order it will cancel the order and you will also receive a notification with the option to re-order the canceled items.


Does Walmart Price Match Their Online Prices

Pre-ordering items from Walmart ensures that you will have the product on the day or soon after its launch.

To pre-order items, you have to go to the Walmart website. Once you confirm your pre-order, if you use debit cards, rewards cards, or gift cards, you will be charged right away.

However, for credit cards, you will only be charged on the day your item is shipped.

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