Does Walmart Price Match Amazon? [How To Price Match & More]

Can you price match Amazon at Walmart? How do you even do it? Here's everything you need to know about price matching at Walmart.

Both Walmart and Amazon are among some of the biggest retailers in the world with millions of different products.

However, with Walmart being the one-stop-shop for most people, sometimes it is more convenient to go straight to the physical store and get what you need rather than waiting for Amazon to deliver your product.

But, does Walmart price match Amazon if you find a product at Walmart that is listed for cheaper on

The answer can be a little tricky, but in this article, you can find out everything you need to know when it comes to Walmart’s price match policy.

Keep on reading below.

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Does Walmart Price Match Amazon In 2023?

Does Walmart Price Match Their Online Prices

Fortunately, you can price match products from Walmart against products on Amazon, but there is a catch.

You can only price match items from Walmart against Amazon if the product you’re looking to price match is completely identical with the product from Walmart. This means that the size, color, and other product features should be completely identical.

On top of that, it is not possible to price match products against Amazon in physical Walmart stores. The only way you can get a price match is if you find the product on Walmart’s website and get in touch with the Walmart customer service.

What Products Does Walmart Price Match With Amazon?

If you have found an item cheaper on Amazon than on, then there shouldn’t be any specific limits as to what kind of products you can price match.

The only things to be aware of when asking for a price match are:

  • The product must be in stock on both and – if not, then the Walmart customer service will not approve of your price match request
  • You can not price match more than one item a day at Walmart
  • If an item om Amazon or Walmart is on clearance, is lowered as it has been used before and similar, then you can’t price match either
  • Walmart can not price match against products on Amazon on events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Can You Get Refunds Or Price Matches For Marketplace Items From Amazon?

Amazon building

If a product is listed on Amazon as a Marketplace item, then it is not possible to get any kind of refund or price match from Walmart.

However, you can contact Amazon and ask for a refund on what you paid for the product or ask whether they can adjust the price if it’s been lowered for whatever reason since you made your purchase.

Price Match Guarantee & Policy On

When you’re looking at the price match guarantee and policy on Walmart’s website, then they state that if you can easily find any of the products for much cheaper at another retailer, then Walmart will send a refund to your account or credit card for the difference in price.

The catch is that it only applies to items sold directly from retailers (not marketplace items) and if you buy an item online it can’t be returned in-store.

Also, you can not price match against sites like eBay or Craigslist as those are classified as marketplaces – not directly sold by retailers.

Price Match Guarantee & Policy On

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If you’re looking at the price match guarantee and policy on Amazon’s website, then they state that if the product is identical with the size, color, and so forth, then you will get a full refund of how much money you paid for your item if someone finds it cheaper elsewhere – even after crossing over to retail stores such as Walmart.

The only rule is that you have to contact Amazon customer service and ask for the price match to happen.

But, there is a catch. When you’re buying from an online retailer such as Walmart, then the price matching only applies if it’s fulfilled by Amazon. This means that your product will be sent out quickly and directly to your address by Amazon – not the retailer itself.

There are no refunds or price matches available on products bought at local retailers (Walmart, BestBuy, etc.) – only items bought online that are fulfilled by Amazon count towards having prices matched against other retailers.

Other than that, there are no refunds or price matches allowed at all when buying from individual sellers on Amazon.

How To Price Match Walmart Products Against Amazon Products In 2023

The best way to perform a price match at Walmart is to find the product on Amazon and contact Walmart customer service before purchasing anything.

They will then remove the suggested retail price (even if you’re buying it online) and adjust your total spending accordingly.

Another option, but one that’s not often used, is to get an Amazon gift card for how much money you would like refunded to your account instead of actually getting a price match right away – this ensures that you’ve got the money in hand which makes it faster than waiting for any refunds or having something sent out via courier.

Conclusion – Does Walmart Price Match With Amazon?

Walmart Website

Overall, it seems as though Walmart is willing to price match Amazon products if the conditions are met- you just have to be sure to contact customer service in order to get the process started.

The only exception is when it comes to marketplace items (such as eBay or Craigslist) which will not be matched against prices from other retailers.

It’s also important to note that Amazon offers refunds and price matches for most products whereas Walmart does not have a general policy in regards to this – each situation must be handled on an individual basis with customer service.

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