Does Walmart Price Match Their Online Prices? [Full Guide + FAQs]

If you've found a good Walmart deal online, can you go to the store and have the store price match the online price? How do you do it? Here are the answers.

Walmart is one of the most popular stores in America. With over 4,700 stores and an online presence, it is highly likely that you have shopped at Walmart before.

And while Walmart does offer very reasonable prices, you might have wondered: Does Walmart match their own prices?

Whether you’re a frequent Walmart shopper or just looking to save some money on your next purchase, we’ll walk through how to price match Walmart’s online prices at physical Walmart stores as well as what types of purchases can be matched.

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Does Walmart Match Prices On Their Website In-Store?

Walmart Website

Yes, Walmart does match prices on their website in-store.

The best way to do a price match is to first look up your item using the “Find a Product” bar on Walmart’s website.

When you find an item, enter it into the search box and click ‘Search.’

Walmart will show you the prices for that item online and in stores nearby.

Click the ‘Check this store’ link and complete your purchase as usual.

Does Walmart Price Match Other Stores’ Prices?

Walmart does not price match other stores’ prices. Instead, they will beat their competitor’s prices by five percent.

To get a Walmart price adjustment, you must have the original purchase receipt and the item must be in its original condition.

You can only receive one price adjustment per item, and it must be within 14 days of your purchase date.

Will Walmart Price Match Amazon Prices?

Amazon website frontpage

While physical Walmart stores do not price match Amazon prices, does.

However, if an item is sold out on Amazon, then Walmart may have that same product in stock at a different location and offer it to you at a lower price.

What Is Needed For Walmart To Price Match An Item?

For Walmart price matching, you only need the original purchase receipt.

Walmart does not require that you provide any additional documentation or proof of a competitor’s lower price.

If your item is being sold by another retailer online, then bring in the URL for their website so they can verify it will be shipped to your local store at no charge.

Does Walmart Price Match With Advertisements Or Coupons?

Walmart website frontpage

No, if an advertisement states “save $50 on selected appliances,” this means Walmart will give you $50 off on an appliance (and not 50% off the total price).

They do not match based on dollar value like other stores such as Target and Best Buy.

Walmart also doesn’t offer coupons; however, they do have a Savings Catcher program which automatically refunds you the difference on select items if it finds a lower price at another store.

Can Walmart Turn Down My Price Match Request?

While Walmart is in their full right to deny a price match request, there are some things to be aware of before requesting a price match;

  • Walmart will not price match items that are being sold as a loss by the manufacturer or distributor
  • The item must be available for sale and in stock at the other retailer you’re price matching
  • The competitor’s advertised price must be valid and current at the time of purchase
  • You cannot combine discounts with a price match

However, if you are attempting to do an in-store price match at Walmart’s grocery department but your item isn’t found on their website, then they can inform you that it is out of stock and therefore cannot be matched.

When Can Walmart Turn Down My Price Match Request?

There are some occasions when Walmart may be unable to grant a price match.

This can include, but is not limited to, items that are sold out online or in stores, products with a modified price, items found in a clearance section, items that aren’t identical to the one you would like a price match on, or if the competitor’s price is below cost.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Price Matches I Can Do?

Walmart Return Hours

There is no limit to the number of times you may take advantage of Walmart’s low prices or online competitor matches; however, each week (starting Sunday) there will be a limit on how much lower than Amazon’s price you can get for one product through savings catcher.

What Is Walmart’s Price Match Policy?

Walmart has a price match policy that guarantees to match the prices of products that are found on other retailers’ websites.

If you find a product on Walmart’s website that is cheaper on another retailer’s website, then Walmart will price-match that product for you.

There are, however, a few conditions that must be met in order for Walmart to price-match a product. For example, the product must be identical in size, color, and model number.

Where Do I Price Match An Item In Walmart?

7 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks

If you want to price match an item in Walmart, go to the customer service counter and tell them you would like to match a lower price on an item. The Walmart cashier will then be able to assist you with the process of matching the price of an item.


Walmart’s price matching policy is a good way for consumers to save money by getting the best deal.

If your product isn’t available in-store or online, then Walmart may be unable to grant a price match request; however, there are some occasions when Walmart will turn down your price match requests, such as when products that aren’t identical in size and color or clearance sections of merchandise.

The customer service counter has staff members who know how to help with this process and make sure all the details are taken care of so you can save money on the products you need.


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Q: How much can I save by doing a price match at Walmart?

A: You can save up to five percent more than the competitor’s prices.

Q: What is needed in order to do a price match?

A: In most cases, you only need the original purchase receipt; however, for online purchases, you will also need to provide the URL of the lower-priced item.

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