Does Walmart Recycle Plastic Bags & Bottles? [Your Complete Guide]

Is Walmart still recycling plastic bags and plastic bottles? Where can you drop off your plastic items at Walmart? Here's a guide with all the answers.

Being the biggest retailer in America, over the last couple of years, Walmart has put in the effort to improve the environmental impact and the carbon footprint they leave.

One way that Walmart has done its part in reducing pollution is by introducing the Walmart Recycling Playbook; a program made with the purpose of recycling and reducing the use of plastic and non-renewable waste.

In this guide, you can find all the answers you need to the question; Does Walmart recycle plastic bags and bottles?

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Does Walmart Recycle Plastic Bags And Bottles In 2023?

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Yes, Walmart does recycle plastic bags and bottles in 2023. The Walmart Recycling Playbook program is still going strong, and they continue to accept both plastic bags and plastic bottles for recycling.

So, if you have been asking the question, “is Walmart still recycling plastic bags?”, the answer is a resounding yes.

How Does The Walmart Recycling Program Work?

Using the Walmart Recycling Program is quite simple. All you have to do is bring your recyclable materials, such as plastic bags and bottles, to a Walmart store near you. Once you are there, you can drop them off at the designated recycling bin. That’s all there is to it.

Walmart also has a number of guidelines that they ask their customers to follow when recycling plastic bags and bottles.

For example;

-Plastic bags and bottles should be clean, dry, dust-free, and tightly sealed with lids intact. Labels must also be removed. They must not be overfilled with other things nor in any sort of bag or box.

– You can recycle up to 50lbs of recyclable material per day.

– If the recyclable material is placed outside the designated drop-off bin, Walmart is not responsible for collecting it.

– Do not place broken glass or hazardous materials in the recycling bin.

So, does Walmart recycle plastic bags and bottles?

The answer is yes, Walmart does accept both plastic bags and plastic bottles for recycling as long as they meet the guidelines set by the company.

Does Walmart Recycle Non-Reusable Plastic Bags?

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Unfortunately, Walmart does not recycle non-reusable plastic bags.

The reason they do not recycle non-reusable plastic bags is because the Walmart recycling program works by taking in materials and items that are in great, reusable condition.

Examples of plastic bags and bottles that Walmart would recycle would be items that are clean, dry, free of dust or dirt, capped tightly shut with lids intact, have all labels removed, are not overfilled with other items nor are they in any form of a bag or box.

Does Walmart Take Back Recyclable Material If It’s Outside The Drop-Off Bin?

While Walmart doesn’t need to collect or take responsibility for materials placed outside the drop-off bin, they still take care of and recycle the items anyway.

Therefore the answer to the above question is yes, Walmart takes back recyclable items and material if it is placed outside the Walmart recycling drop-off bin as long as the recyclable material is clean and does not exceed 50lbs in weight.

You can place it by their designated recycling bins in your local Walmart for pick up at any time.

Does Walmart Recycle Bags And Bottles That Aren’t Bought From Walmart?

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Yes, Walmart does recycle bags and bottles that aren’t bought in their stores.

All you have to do is bring the recyclable material in a neat condition, meaning that the bottles you drop off shouldn’t be broken, filled with leftover liquids, and be dirty, and bags shouldn’t be broken or ripped in any way.

From there, all you have to do is drop them off at the designated recycling bin.

What Happens With The Material You Drop Off At Walmart For Recycling?

After you drop off your recyclable materials at Walmart, the staff at Walmart will place them in an appropriate bin to be recycled.

The recycling process usually starts with sorting the materials into different types.

Once that is done, the recyclables are then crushed and compressed before finally being melted down and turned into new products.

Conclusion – Does Walmart Recycle Bags And Bottles?

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Yes, Walmart does recycle plastic bags and bottles, as long as they are clean and dry. And while they are not obligated to accept any recycling that is placed outside of their designated drop-off bins, they do still take care of the materials in most cases.

Walmart does not recycle non-reusable plastic bags but does take back recyclables for materials dropped at the store’s designated bin even when those items were bought elsewhere.

The material you have recycled will be sorted into different types before being crushed, compressed, melted down to become new products.

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