Does Walmart Replace Brake Pads? [Other Shops, Cost & More]

Can you get your car brakes changed at Walmart? In this guide, we'll talk about whether Walmart changes brakes and other alternative options for you.

Brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. One of the first lessons of car ownership is always making sure your brakes are in good condition to prevent accidents and keep you and the people around you safe.

So, if you hear your brakes squeaking or they don’t sound right, it might be time to get them checked. In fact, some experts recommend getting your brakes checked and serviced every six months.

But where should you go to get your brake pads replaced? Does Walmart offer this service?

After all, Walmart is a favorite for many consumers because aside from the products on their shelves, they can avail themselves of a variety of services, particularly car service through their Auto Center.

And while you can get your tires replaced and serviced at the Walmart Auto Center, brakes are a different story.

In this guide, we’ll be talking about whether or not Walmart changes breaks, where else you can go to get your brakes services and even some tell-tale signs that you need your breaks replaced.

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Does Walmart Auto Center Change Brakes?

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As of 2023, Walmart’s Auto Center doesn’t change or service brakes. The Auto Center is geared towards tire and lube services, so brakes aren’t something they specialize in. However, if your brakes need replacing, you can go to Walmart to buy replacement parts such as brake pads.

On top of that, Walmart does offer an at-home brake replacement service. This is done by the Wrench Mobile Mechanic service and brake replacement services start at around $160. With that said, prices may vary depending on the types of brakes you need to be serviced as well as your car.

Can I Buy Walmart Brake Replacement Parts?

If you need your brakes replaced or services, you can buy replacement parts at Walmart. Aside from brake pads and other parts, Walmart offers full DIY brake replacement kits for different cars. So, whether you have a sedan or 4 x 4 SUV, you can find all the tools you need for at-home brake replacement at Walmart.

Walmart’s collection of brake replacement parts is as complete as it gets. Customers may avail themselves of a variety of brake pads, brake calipers, brake rotors, and even the tools you will need to replace the items yourself.

If you don’t want to go to a physical Walmart store, you can also order some of these parts online. For orders above $35 at, delivery is free, so you won’t even have to pay extra to have the parts delivered.

With that said, brake replacement is a complex process. So, unless you have the guidance of a professional or you have successfully replaced brakes before, we recommend getting it done by a professional.

But if you really want to do it yourself, we recommend watching as many videos and tutorials as you can on the topic to avoid making mistakes.

Where Can I Go To Get My Brakes Replaced?

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Since it’s best for people without prior brake-replacement experience to go to a service center to get the job done, you may be wondering what shops offer the service.

As mentioned earlier, Walmart has an at-home brake replacement service wherein rates start at $160. Another option is to buy the parts yourself and contact any local mechanic with brakes experience and ask if they can replace the brakes for you.

Additionally, you can go to large auto service shops such as Pep Boys and Midas, who may offer the service at a competitive rate.

When getting your brakes replaced, make sure the service is done by a professional with experience as doing a poor job when replacing your brakes can have some severe consequences.

When Should I Go To The Walmart Auto Center?

The Walmart Auto Center is generally open between 9 AM to 9 PM. However, this can vary from location to location.

So, before going to your local Walmart for car services, make sure to use the Walmart Store Finder tool to find your local Walmart and contact them. From there, you can ask about their Auto Center hours and schedule your trip accordingly.

When Should I Get My Brakes Serviced?

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Experts recommend getting your brakes checked every 6 months to catch any issues before it gets serious. However, if you feel that your brakes aren’t reacting properly or they are squeaking, call your mechanic right away and schedule an appointment.

Additionally, if your car shows any sign that the brakes aren’t functioning properly such as the “check brakes” or “low brake fluid” lights staying on, then that’s a clear sign you need to get your brakes checked.


Customers in 2023 cannot go to Walmart to get their brakes replaced. The Walmart Auto Center doesn’t offer this service.

However, an alternative is the Walmart at-home brake replacement service through Wrench Mobile Mechanic, wherein the prices start at $160 but may vary depending on the issue with your brakes and the model of your car.

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