Does Walmart Have A Retirement Plan? [Benefits, Funding & More]

Does Walmart have a 401(k) plan or some other retirement plan for employees? What are the benefits? Here are all the answers you seek.

Walmart is known worldwide as one of the most complete one-stop shops out there. The store offers a bunch of different services along with a wide selection of products at a competitive price, which is what made it grow to one of the largest grocery chains in the world.

And with over 10,500 different stores in different locations, this means that there are a lot of Walmart employees.

With all these employees and associates, you may be asking yourself, “Does Walmart have a retirement plan?”.

The answer is yes. Walmart does offer a flexible and sizable retirement plan for its employees. Walmart runs its own retirement system known as a 401(K), which allows employees to keep track of the money they put towards retirement, while even earning interest on its own.

In this guide, we’ll be going through everything you need to know about the Walmart retirement plan, how it works, and the benefits that come with it.

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What Is The Walmart 401(K) Plan?

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The Walmart 401(K) plan is an investment program run by Walmart that allows its employees to save up for their retirement.

The 401(K) isn’t required, but it’s highly encouraged for all businesses to have their own 401(K) system for employees.

To avail of the 401(K) plan, Walmart employees need to access the OneWalmart website. This is an online portal where employees can view their pay stubs, call in sick, and accomplish other things related to their job at Walmart.

Once on the website, employees can start applying for a 401(K) plan. To do this, you will need to provide your Walmart employee number and choose the percentage of your salary that you want to put into your 401(K) account.

Employees also have the privilege of transferring over retirement funds and money they earned from other retirement plans they have had in the past.

How Does The Walmart Retirement Plan For Employees Work?

If a Walmart employee applies for a 401(K), then a portion of their salary every month automatically goes into the savings account.

Employees can set the percentage that gets deducted every month, and for every dollar put into the account, Walmart adds another dollar. However, this only applies up to 6% of an employee’s monthly salary.

The longer the money is kept in the 401(K) account, the more benefits employees can receive when they retire.

Additionally, the employee has the complete freedom to withdraw the funds whenever they want as well as adjust the percentage and make changes to the deductions.

What Are The Walmart Retirement Benefits?

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The Walmart retirement plan comes with a number of benefits for employees.

One of the main benefits that come with Walmart retirement plans is Medicare coverage. This is designed to cover or assist with potential health issues a former employee may encounter during retirement.

On top of that, Walmart offers many benefits to employees that they may receive during their entire tenure with the corporation. This includes life insurance, death insurance, dismemberment insurance, business travel accident insurance, and many more.

Walmart has also recently expanded its health care benefits for US employees. These benefits include confidential counseling, tuition, company-match for stock purchases, as well as an affordable gym membership.


So, yes, Walmart does have its own 401(K) system that serves as a retirement investment for its employees.

You can set the percentage deducted from your salary every month, and for every dollar put into the account, Walmart will match that up to 6% of an employee’s salary.

The Walmart retirement plan also comes with Medicare and other benefits, designed to assist employees during and after their tenure at Walmart.

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