Walmart Return Policy After 90 Days [Simple Guide]

What is Walmart's return policy after 90 days has passed since you bought an item? Here's the answer to this popular question.

Walmart isn’t just known for its large stores, variety of products, and different services available at their Supercenters. Another big part of Walmart’s reputation is that they have a very generous and lenient return policy for most of its purchases.

For most purchases at Walmart, customers have 90 days to return the product. And while there are some products on their shelves not eligible for returns, most of the things you can buy at Walmart can be returned within that specific timeframe.

But what happens after 90 days? Well, we’re here to help you find out.

In this guide, we’ll be explaining whether or not Walmart will accept returns of 90 days, how you can make late returns, and we’ll even discuss some of the items not eligible for return at Walmart.

Read on to learn more.

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What Is The Return Policy Of Walmart?

What Does Walmart Do With Returns

For most products at Walmart, customers have a 90-day window from the day of the purchase to make a return. If you bought the product in a Walmart Supercenter or store, the window begins on the day of the original purchase.

For items purchased on the Walmart website, the window begins on the day the item arrives at your doorstep through the mail.

If you return your item within the 90-day window with a receipt, you are eligible for a full refund. If you don’t bring the receipt with you or you’ve lost the original receipt, there are other ways Walmart associates can confirm your purchase.

However, for returns without the original receipt, customers will only be eligible for store credit.

Can You Make Walmart Returns After 90 Days?

In theory, you can return an item to Walmart after the 90-day window has passed. While the Walmart returns policy states that customers only have 90 days to return a product, the store can accept returns after the window, however, it is up to the manager’s discretion whether or not they will accept the return.

On top of that, returning a product to Walmart after 90 days is slightly more complicated than doing it within the 90-day window. For most returns within the 90-day window, all customers have to do is go to the Walmart where they made the purchase, make the return, then receive a refund.

To return a product after the 90-day window, it’s best to bring the original receipt with you to make the process smoother. From there, you can go to the customer service desk to start the return.

If the Walmart associate won’t accept the return, you may request to speak to their supervisor, and if the return is still rejected, you may ask to speak to the manager. But again, keep in mind that the manager has full discretion on whether or not they will accept the return.

If you still wish to make the return after the store manager rejects your request, you may file a formal complaint with Walmart headquarters. While this may require some effort, most store managers will accept the request to keep the situation at bay.

When doing this, there is a chance that the conversation will be heated. However, remember that the more polite and nice you are to the associates, the higher the chance of returning the item successfully.

And if this method still doesn’t work, you might be able to try your luck at other Walmart locations, since different managers will have different attitudes.

What Is The Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt After 90 Days?

receipt in hand

If you’re looking to make a return at Walmart without a receipt and past the 90-day window, you might find yourself having a hard time.

Walmart’s return policy only allows for returns within a 90-day window. So, any return made after the 90 days has passed is all up to the store manager whether or not they will accept the return. And if you don’t have the receipt, the chances of you being able to return the item is slim.

If you’re making a return without the receipt within the 90-day window, however, you might have an easier time. If you plan on doing this, you can check out our guide on making Walmart returns without the receipt here.

Are There Returns That Walmart Will Not Accept?

Yes, there are some items that aren’t eligible for returns at Walmart. While you can return some items even after the 90-day window, some items can’t be returned under any circumstances.

These include perishable items, software delivered via email, and gift cards. All of these items cannot be returned to Walmart after purchase, which is something to consider when buying any of these items at a Walmart Supercenter or on the Walmart website.


Walmart Store 1

Returning an item to Walmart after the original 90-day window is possible, but not a sure thing. At the end of the day, it’s completely up to the manager’s discretion whether or not Walmart will accept your return.

Most managers are very approachable and easy to talk to. However, keep in mind that all managers are different. And if you want a better chance at being able to make the return, we highly recommend bringing the original receipt and being courteous and polite to the staff at Walmart.

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