Walmart Return Policy Without Box Or Opened Box [Complete Guide]

Have you opened your box or have you lost your box from Walmart and want to return an item? Here is Walmart's complete return policy for these cases.

In recent years, many companies and retailers have been changing the nature of their returns policy. This can make it confusing for customers looking to return their products within a certain timeframe.

Many Walmart shoppers and customers are left confused by different returns policies. Leaving them to ask the question: Can you return opened products to Walmart?

Yes, you can return opened products at Walmart.

Even if the box is damaged or lost, you can return certain products to Walmart within a certain window if you have the original receipt.

In this guide, we answer all your questions about the Walmart return policy on opened items, how to return opened items, and more.

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Can You Return Opened Items To Walmart?

Opened box

Yes, Walmart’s return opened item policy states that customers can return products without the packaging or with damaged packaging.

The only catch is that it has to be returned within a specific timeframe and customers must present the original receipt upon returning the item.

Most products at Walmart can be returned within 90-days of the original purchase date.

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However, the items need to be undamaged and in good condition, and customers also need to have the original receipt with them.

For certain items, you don’t need to return the packaging.

For most Walmart items, the store will accept returns even if the packaging is missing or damaged.

However, other items such as DVDs, Mattresses, and video games can only be returned with the original packaging.

How To Return Opened Items At Walmart

If you need to return an opened item you bought from Walmart, here’s what you need to know about the return process;

Certain Products Need The Original Packaging

For most Walmart products, you can return them without the packaging. However, this doesn’t go for all products.

If you plan on returning these products, make sure to bring the original packaging;

  • Mattresses
  • Air beds
  • Books
  • Audio Tapes
  • Blu-Rays, DVDs, and CDs

These aren’t the only Walmart products out there that require the original packaging if you plan on making a return.

For more information about the return policy, you can head to the Walmart website where they explain the policy in full detail.

Return It Within 90 Days

Most Walmart items are only eligible for returns within the first 90-days after the original purchase.

Walmart can be pretty flexible in regards to their return policy, however, they always have the right to refuse a return if the 90 days have passed.

Bring A Receipt


With or without the original packaging, you will likely need a receipt for returning items at Walmart.

There are certain processes for returning an item without a receipt, but the process is simpler if you have the receipt with you.

Walmart store managers can refuse or accept returns depending on their discretion.

To make it easier to make a Walmart return without packaging, it’s highly recommended to bring the original receipt with you.

How Long Does Walmart Refund Take?

When returning an item for a refund at Walmart, the process can take a couple of days. Walmart refunds can take anywhere between 3-5 days to accomplish, so expect some waiting time.

When you’re returning an item for a refund, the funds will be sent to your bank account through the card you used to pay after a few days or be paid back in cash, if you bought your item with cash.

Are Stores Required To Accept Returns?

Walmart Return Policy Without Box Or Opened Box

While many stores in the United States accept returns and are usually flexible with their policies, there is no federal law requiring retailers to accept returns.

Instead, stores keep flexible return policies to promote customer loyalty and give customers a more pleasing experience.


You can return items to Walmart even without the original packaging.

If you lost, damaged, or opened the box after buying the item, you can usually return the item to Walmart. However, according to the Walmart policy, certain items like DVDs, video games, and mattresses need the original packaging for a return.

Walmart’s policy is usually flexible, however, for a quicker process, we recommend bringing the original receipt with you when returning an item.

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