What Is Walmart Rollback? [Simple Answer]

What exactly is a Walmart rollback? How long does it last and items are we talking about? Here's a simple guide with all the right answers.

A Walmart rollback is Walmart’s term for a temporary sale.

Rollbacks result in lower prices on select items and can last anywhere between 3-10 weeks.

The length of a Walmart rollback varies greatly as a Walmart price rollback is negotiated between the supplier and Walmart themselves.

For more information on Walmart rollbacks, keep on reading. In this guide, we go through everything you need to know about Walmart rollbacks and how you can keep track of them.

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What Does Rollback Mean At Walmart?

Walmart Everyday Low Price

A rollback at Walmart simply means lower prices.

Prices are “rolled back” or lowered for a specific span of time and are Walmart’s version of a temporary sale.

Walmart’s rollbacks are an agreement between Walmart and the supplier of a certain product to lower the prices for a certain span of time.

The prices during a Walmart price rollback vary greatly since these prices are decided by Walmart and the supplier.

How Long Do Rollbacks Last At Walmart?

Just like the prices, the length of a Walmart price rollback can also vary.

Certain rollbacks may only last between 2-3 weeks, however, some items are known to be rolled back for up to 10 weeks.

When Walmart starts a rollback, the length of the sale is never mentioned and the prices can bounce back at any time.

While some Walmart advertising may suggest rollbacks are permanent price changes, this is not the case as the prices will rise again to the original.

How To Keep Track Of Walmart Rollbacks

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Walmart rollbacks can potentially mean bargains for customers, especially for specific items.

Keeping track of the rollbacks allows customers to know the right time to buy certain items and make big savings.

The easiest way to keep track of Walmart rollbacks is through their website.

When viewing items on the Walmart website, you can select the “rollback” filter and view all the items currently being rolled back.

What Items Are Most Often Rolled Back?

Food products and other perishables are some of the most common Walmart rollback items.

Since these products are perishable, it’s more common for Walmart to roll back prices on food as compared to technology.

While some other items are occasionally rolled back, more often than not, food products are what you’ll find when looking at Walmart rollbacks.

This entices customers to buy food and perishables they may not buy during regular shopping trips thinking they are getting a bargain.

Is A Rollback The Same As A Clearance?

Walmart Rollbacks

Walmart price rollbacks are not the same as clearances.

At first glance, the marketing strategy behind rollbacks and clearances may seem the same. However, these are two different techniques with different goals.

A price rollback is a temporary drop and price, which may happen due to a number of different factors. The price rollback is determined by Walmart and the supplier, along with the duration of the rollback.

So, what is a clearance then?

A clearance, on the other hand, is a drastic price drop aimed to entice customers to finish or clear out stock of a specific item.

Clearances tend to last shorter than rollbacks, as the price usually returns once the item has been restocked.


Walmart rollbacks and clearance sales offer a way for customers to score bargains through lower prices.

Looking through rollbacks is a common way customers try to save money when shopping for products. However, items that are rolled back generally tend to be items overstocked, and the rollbacks are meant to entice customers to buy the product to lower the stock.

While rollbacks offer an opportunity for a bargain, there are other Walmart tips and hacks customers can use to save even more money when shopping at different Walmart stores.

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