Does Walmart Sell Live Bait? [How Much, Types of Baits & More]

Walmart is known to stock up on different types of fishing equipment, but does Walmart sell live bait? Here's a quick guide on buying live bait in Walmart.

Fishing is a great way to pass the time, collect your thoughts, and potentially catch some food to put on the table. But no fishing trip is successful without the right bait.

There are many different types of bait on the market available to anglers, with some people opting to harvest and make their own. But among all the options available live bait is the preferred choice for most people.

Live bait is ideal for a large variety of fish, and since you can use them over long distances, it’s a great tool to have in your arsenal.

And since Walmart is known to stock up on different types of fishing equipment, you may be wondering if you could grab some live bait for your fishing trip on your next visit to a Walmart Supercenter.

That’s why we’ve created this definitive guide to buying live bait at Walmart. In this article, we go through the types of bait at Walmart, where you can find it in their stores, and other things you need to know when shopping for live bait at Walmart.

Keep reading to learn more.

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Does Walmart Sell Live Bait?

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Among the different items available at Walmart, live bait is one of them. If you’re stocking up for a fishing trip, rest assured that you can find a variety of live bait options at many Walmart Supercenters. These include the common picks like worms and crickets, each of which is ideal for certain types of fish and locations.

Customers can buy live bait at Walmart in quantities of 12, 24, 30, 50, 250, and 500 depending on their needs. Prices vary depending on the type of bait and how much you’re buying, and most live bait is only available in Walmart physical stores.

Here are some of the varieties of live bait that you might be able to find at your local Walmart;

Baby Crawlers

Also known as live dillies, these are available at Walmart and packaged by the DMF Bait Co. Typically, a pack of 24 baby crawlers at Walmart will cost you around $3.

Live dillies are good bait for catching different freshwater fish like pike, catfish, panfish, and walleye. However, keep in mind that it’s best to refrigerate the bait for at least 24 hours before your fishing trip for better results.

These worms are chemical-free, which means they are safe to eat. So, if your pet accidentally gets into your bait supply, you won’t have to worry about poisoning or other adverse reactions.


To be more specific, we are talking about red worms or Euro worms. In the fishing world, they are also referred to as “minis” and the red worms available at Walmart are also packaged by the DMF Bait Co.

A box of red worms at Walmart containing 24 counts is available for around $2.74. Red worms are known for being “lively”, which makes them good for catching freshwater fish like panfish and trout.

Unlike baby crawlers, you don’t have to refrigerate red worms before use. However, if you buy large quantities like a pack of 500, you may want to keep it refrigerated so that they last you a couple of months.

Additionally, Walmart also sells live green worms at their stores. These worms are great for attracting a variety of fish such as walleye and bass, and since they are chemical-free, you can also use them to feed your pets.

Green worms at Walmart are available in compostable boxes of 12 and to keep them usable, it’s recommended to keep them refrigerated.


Live crickets are a popular option among fishers and pet enthusiasts alike. Aside from using crickets as live bait, you can also use them to feed certain pets like lizards and iguanas.

A container of 50 crickets packaged by DMF Bait Co at Walmart will cost you around $2.96.

Crickets are rich in protein and other vitamins and minerals, which is why they are ideal feeds for certain pets. On top of that, you can also use crickets to catch freshwater fish like trout.

When buying crickets for bait or to feed your pet, it’s recommended to keep them refrigerated so they don’t go bad.


Nightcrawlers are also available at Walmart for $46 for a reusable box with around 250 pieces. These live bait options are usually used to catch a variety of freshwater fishes, which is why these are ideal options for people fishing with children or who are looking to catch a lot of fish.

Since the package comes with large quantities of live bait, it comes in a reusable cooler to keep them fresh.

How To Buy Live Bait At Walmart

You can only buy live bait in physical Walmart stores. Since these are live critters, they aren’t available on the website. However, it’s important to note that not all Walmarts will have ready stocks of live bait.

So, we recommend using the Walmart Store Finder tool to find the contact number of your local Walmart. From there, you can call them to ask whether or not they have live bait in stock before heading to the store to buy.

When at Walmart, you can ask an attendant or associate where the live bait is located. From there, all you have to do is get the live bait and proceed to the checkout counter to pay for your purchase.

How Much Are Crickets At Walmart?

Crickets at Walmart are available in containers of 50 pieces of live bait for $2.96. To keep the crickets fresh, it’s recommended to take them out of their packaging right away and refrigerate them.

How Much Are Nightcrawlers At Walmart?

Nightcrawlers are available in boxes of 250 for $46. Since they come in large quantities, these packages also come with a reusable cooler which you can use to keep them fresh. And just like most other live bait options, Nightcrawlers are only available in Walmart physical stores.


Walmart stocks a variety of live bait options for customers. However, keep in mind that these are only available through their physical stores. These products are not available on their website and you cannot have them shipped.

Before going to Walmart to buy live bait, we recommend contacting your local store to ask if they have them in stock.

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