Does Walmart Sell Stamps? [Where To Find, Price, Kinds & More]

Looking for stamps and wondering does Walmart have them? In this guide, we'll look into whether Walmart sells stamps, its prices and more.

While sending mail through the traditional post offices has declined with the advent of the internet, there are still many reasons people may decide to send letters or parcels through traditional mail services.

And if you plan on sending mail, then you probably want to avoid the long lines at your local post office. To do that, it would be best to buy your stamps somewhere else, since that will mean you no longer have to stand in line at the post office.

Since Walmart has over 11,000 locations all around the world, it would be very convenient if you could purchase stamps at their stores. But can you?

In this comprehensive guide, we’re about to find out. In this guide, we’ll be getting into whether or not Walmart sells stamps as of 2023, where you can buy these stamps, and even how much it will cost you.

Read on to learn more.

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Can You Buy Stamps At Walmart?

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Yes, you can buy first-class US postage and forever stamps at Walmart as of 2023. All Walmart locations will have stamps in stock, which allows for an easier and more convenient shopping experience.

You can buy the stamps individually, or in packs of 20 and 100. The price for the stamps vary but can range from $0.55-$91, depending on the stamps you purchase.

To purchase stamps at Walmart, you can proceed to any Walmart location within their operating hours. To find out the operating hours of your local Walmart, you can use the Walmart Store Finder tool online.

Where To Buy Stamps At Walmart?

For most Walmart locations, the stamps are available in the Money Service counter. So, if you Walmart has a Money Center, simply head to the counter and tell the associate you’re looking to buy stamps.

For locations without a Money Center, you may also proceed to the customer service desk. From there, an associate will likely be able to help you locate stamps in Walmart stores.

In most Walmart locations with Money Centers, the desk is open for the same hours as the store. In some cases, 24/7 Walmart locations may also offer Money Center services all day, every day.

However, there are some Walmart locations with different hours for their Money Centers. To make sure the Money Service desk is open at your local Walmart, you can call the branch and ask, especially if you’re looking to get your hands on stamps in the later hours of the day.

How Much Are Stamps At Walmart?

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Both First Class and Forever stamps are available at Walmart for $0.55 a piece. This goes the same regardless of the design or type of stamp you choose. To buy one stamp, simply head to the Money Service Counter, choose your design, then pay for the stamp.

After that, you can go home with the stamp and attach it to your mail. If you’re collecting, you may also choose to buy multiple stamps to add to your collection.

How Much Is A Book Of Stamps At Walmart?

Customers may also buy a book of stamps at Walmart locations. You can buy stamps in packs of 20 and 100 at Walmart, each at varied price points. If you choose to buy the 20-stamp book, you can expect to pay around $11.

This is the same price as buying it at USPS. However, the benefit of buying it at Walmart is that you can buy it along with other essentials and products while also avoiding the notoriously long lines at the post office.

If you’re looking to buy larger stamp books at Walmart, you may not be able to find them in-store. Instead, you can head to the Walmart website which features a wider collection of stamp designs and you can also buy larger booklets with up to 100 stamps.

When Do Walmart Stamps Expire?

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If you buy Forever stamps, then as the name suggests, you can use them forever. There is no expiry date on Forever stamps.

So, if you’re looking to buy a large pack of stamps at Walmart, then we recommend opting for Forever stamps as you can use them for mailing packages for a longer period of time.

Can I Send Packages Through Walmart?

Yes, after buying stamps at Walmart, you can send packages and parcels to different locations through FedEx. With that said, not all Walmart stores offer this service, so depending on your location, you may not be able to send packages through Walmart.

To send packages through Walmart, the store needs to have a FedEx. If it doesn’t you have to go through other services such as USPS. However, you can still buy everything you need to send packages such as bubble wrap and wrapping paper at Walmart.


If you want to avoid long lines at the post office, then you may purchase stamps at Walmart. Walmart features a range of both Forever and First-Class US post stamps. That way, customers have a variety of options and can choose the right stamps for them.

Typically, stamps will set you back $0.50 a piece. However, if you opt for an entire booklet of 20 stamps, you can buy them at Walmart for $11, which is the same price as what you’ll get through USPS.

And if your local Walmart has  a FedEx inside, you can even send the package from Walmart right after buying the stamps.

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