Walmart Slogan [What It Means, History, Changes & More]

Curious what is Walmart slogan and what it means? Did they have a different slogan before? Here's everything to know about the Walmart slogan.

If you visit Walmart frequently, then you’re probably familiar with its, “Save Money. Live Better” slogan. But did you know that that wasn’t the company’s original slogan?

Walmart has a rich history that dates all the way back to 1962 when Sam Walton opened the original Walmart store. And throughout that history, the brand has seen a lot of changes.

Walmart over the years has changed logos, slogans, and branched out to a variety of different markets. But in this article, we’ll be focusing on their slogan.

We take a look at the history of their slogan, what their slogan means, and some other fun facts about Walmart’s history that you may not have known.

Keep reading to learn more.

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What Is Walmart’s Slogan?

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Currently, Walmart’s slogan is, “Save Money. Live Better”. This is a very simple slogan that started out in 2007 when Walmart changed its old slogan. They changed their slogan in 2007 as a part of a big rebranding process.

Walmart’s slogan is a reflection of the company’s values. When Sam Walton originally put up Walmart in the 60s, his goal was to create an accessible and affordable store for customers of different walks of life. And to do that, the store had to offer lower prices.

Up until today, Walmart lives by its original philosophy as the store is still known for its highly competitive prices for its wide array of products. This may be one of the reasons Walmart is one of the world’s largest retailers, welcoming over 240 million customers into their stores weekly.

What Does The Walmart Slogan Mean?

The Walmart slogan is very simple and easy to understand, which are key characteristics of a good slogan. However, the roots of that slogan go back way further than when it was launched in 2007.

Walmart’s slogan is designed to be a testament to the company’s history and values. “Save Money. Live Better” is a way to tell their customers what the store has to offer. At Walmart, you can access tons of different products and services, all at very competitive prices, which is reflected by their slogan.

When creating Walmart in 1962, Sam Walton had a goal to help customers save money. It can be hard to go through every week on a budget, which is why Walmart offers low and competitive prices for all its products.

There are reports that Walmart’s prices allow families to save up to $2,500 every year, which can make a huge difference. These low-price offerings speak to customers from all walks of life.

Everyone would like to save money while going through their daily lives. And when you save money, you have more funds for yourself or for other expenses, which allows you to live a better and more comfortable life.

This is what the Walmart slogan stands for and why it is plastered all over their stores, websites, and advertisments.

What Is The Walmart Slogan History?

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“Save Money. Live Better” wasn’t Walmart’s original slogan. While the slogan is well-known to many customers, there are many people who have forgotten all the changes the Walmart brand has undergone throughout the years.

With that said, while Walmart has had different slogans throughout the years, they all stand for the same core principle. Walmart’s original slogan was “Always the Low Prices. Always.”. This described how even if prices of different products may change throughout the years, you can always count on Walmart to provide customers with some of the lowest prices on the market.

However, due to a fluctuating economy, there are times prices will go up. Even if Walmart offers lower prices than competitors, the company can’t avoid raising prices in accordance with the market and economy. So, the National Review Board forced Walmart to change its slogan as their original slogan could be considered false advertising.

So, Walmart changed their slogan to “Always Low Prices” in 1994, before transitioning to “Save Money. Live Better” in 2007. And since then, the new slogan has stayed relevant and present in customer’s heads.

What Is The Walmart Chant?

Many people mistake the Walmart chant for their slogan. However, this is not the case.

The Walmart chant is something employees state to start their day in every store. At the start of the day, associates will chant, “Give me a W-A-L-M-A-R-T!”, afterwhich, the other employees will reply chanting the letters.

This is designed to boost morale in the store and improve customers mood and get them ready for a long day.


The Walmart slogan stands for Walmart’s values. Their slogan is a description of their services and business model and how it hasn’t changed throughout the years. And while the Walmart slogan has undergone changes, the main message of the slogan has always remained the same.

At Walmart, customers can access low prices for a wide variety of products. This makes it a convenient one-stop-shop for just about any customer, and remains one of the main reasons Walmart is the go-to option for many customers from different walks of life.

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