Does Walmart Take American Express? [Complete Guide]

There are tons of payment options at Walmart, but does Walmart take American Express? Can you use American Express points, too? Read on.

As one of the world’s largest and most popular retailers, Walmart offers a wide variety of products available at low prices in their stores. And as a major retailer, the store also accepts a wide variety of payment options.

Customers can pay for their purchases with cash, debit and credit cards, and even checks at Walmart. But can use you use different American Express payment options at the store?

American Express is one of the largest and most well-known credit card companies in the US. With over 100 million American Express credit cards in circulation around the world, there are many retailers and stores that accept these cards as payment options.

And in this article, we’ll be diving into whether or now Walmart will accept your American Express card, whether you can use American Express points at Walmart, and other American Express payments accepted at Walmart.

Read on to learn more.

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Does Walmart Accept American Express?

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Yes, as of 2023, Walmart accepts American Express credit cards at their counters. On top of that, customers can use just about any American Express payment option available including their gift cards, debit cards, and reward points.

Does Walmart Take American Express Gift Card?

Yes, Walmart accepts all different forms of American Express payments, including gift cards. To use this as a payment option, all you have to do is show the card to the Walmart associate at the register upon checkout. If you’re at self-checkout, you can also swipe the gift card yourself at any Walmart location.

What Other American Express Payments Does Walmart Accept?

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American Express offers a wide variety of options for patrons. As one of the most popular credit card companies in the world, they aren’t just limited to credit cards. On top of their credit cards, they have a rewards program, debit cards, and gift cards.

All of these payment options are accepted at Walmart. This allows customers to access different products and use different modes of payment for their purchases.

As a one-stop-shop designed to cater to a wide audience, Walmart accepts almost all popular payment options out there. That way, customers have an easier time shopping at their stores, which encourages people to visit their stores.

And with Walmart welcoming over 240 million customers into their stores every week, this strategy seems to work very well.

Can I Use American Express Rewards At Walmart?

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Yes, Walmart and American Express have recently teamed up. This collaboration resulted in a rewards program wherein American Express cardholders can use their rewards points to pay for purchases at Walmart.

With that said, rewards points may only be used for payment on the Walmart website. On top of that, there are other requirements that customers need to meet. Customers need to hold certain types of American Express cards to use this program.

If you are enrolled you have an American Express Consumer Card, Business Card from American Express OPEN, or American Express Corporate Card, you may use your rewards points to pay for online Walmart purchases.

These are the only people eligible to use their American Express rewards points at Walmart.


If you’re an American Express cardholder, you may use your card for various Walmart products and items. To use your card at Walmart stores, all you have to do is swipe it at self-checkout or give it to the cashier when paying for your purchase.

On top of American Express credit cards, Walmart also accepts American Express debit and gift cards. And if you are enrolled in certain American Express rewards programs, you may also use your American Express Rewards points to pay for purchases on

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