Does Walmart Trade-In Products? [Games, Laptops, TV & More]

What is Walmarts' trade-in policy? Can you trade-in laptops, phones, video games, iPads and other electronics? Here are all the answers.

In recent years, more and more companies have offered trade-in programs to keep a loyal customer base and boost their own stock. On top of that, trade-in programs help reduce waste, which is a major problem in America.

In fact, studies show that Americans throw away over 81 pounds of clothes per person every year, and that doesn’t even include the electronics and other gadgets we upgrade annually.

But with all these companies offering trade-ins, many people are left wondering if Walmart has their own trade-in program.

The answer is yes, Walmart does have their own trade-in program. To be more accurate, Walmart actually offers different trade-in programs for a wide variety of products. And in this guide, we’ll be explaining all you need to know about the Walmart trade-in program, how to use it, and what you’ll receive in return for trading in old gadgets and other items.

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Is There A Walmart Trade-In Program?

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At Walmart, customers can trade in seven different types of electronic products and receive a trade-in value for the product. This is part of their Gadgets to Gift Cards program which entices customers to bring in their old and outdated electronics and trade them for gift cards. That way, you can reduce your waste while also receiving an incentive.

You can also trade in cellphones using the Gadgets to Gift Cards program. However, Walmart also has a completely separate program for trading in phones. Another program customers can utilize is the ecoATM kiosks, which allow customers to receive cash for their old phones.

Considering that in the US alone, over 151 million phones are tossed in the garbage every year, it could actually be helpful if customers traded in their old phones instead. When you trade in your phone at the ecoATM kiosks not only are you reducing waste, but you also receive cash in return.

Can You Use The Walmart Trade-In Program In-Store?

No, you cannot trade-in items in the Walmart store. Instead, you have to do it online through the Walmart website. When doing the trade-in through the site, you get to view the estimated value of your product, so you get a clear idea of what you will receive in return for trading the item in.

After getting the value of the product, you can then ship it to CExchange for free. Customers can ship the product for free using FedEx ground. From there, they will receive an eGift card in return which they can use at any Walmart location or on the website.

What Are the Walmart Game Trade-In Values?

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Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t accept video games for trade-in. For trading in old games, customers are better off checking out GameStop or Amazon for their offers. With that said, Walmart does offer a trade-in program for gaming consoles, which could offer an easier way for gamers to upgrade to a new console.

For even more convenience, you can even search for game trade-in stores in your area.

When trading in a console to Walmart, it’s important to note that they won’t accept all consoles. Walmart only accepts video game console trade-ins from the three major brands on the market which are Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony.

Customer reports show that Walmart is more interested in trading-in newer consoles as opposed to older ones. So, you might have better luck trying to trade in a Sony PS4 or a Microsoft Xbox One as opposed to the original Xbox or a Nintendo Wii.

Does Walmart Trade-In Laptops?

Yes, Walmart accepts trade-ins for laptops. The process of trading in an old laptop at Walmart is the same as any other electronic gadget, wherein customers need to go on the website and follow the instructions. With that said, keep in mind that this only goes for Walmart and you cannot trade in a computer at Walmart.

Laptop trade-ins at Walmart are accepted for over 16 major brands that include Acer, Apple, Dell, Lenovo, and Toshiba, among many others. The reason Walmart accepts trade-ins for laptops and not computers is the shipping.

Since Walmart offers free shipping for their trade-in items, larger products will be harder, if not impossible to accept. So, old TVs, computers, and other large gadgets may not be eligible for the trade-in program at Walmart.

What Items Does Walmart Trade-In?

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Walmart accepts trade-ins for seven different categories of electronic gadgets, with a completely separate policy for cell phones. Here are the seven different types of electronics you can trade-in at Walmart:

  • Cell phones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Video game consoles
  • Wearables
  • MP3 players
  • Voice speakers

This list may vary from time to time, which is why customers are encouraged to check what items can be traded in at Walmart. To make it easier for customers, Walmart has a master list of all the products they will accept for trade-in, which you can view here.


If you’re looking to trade-in an old gadget instead of throwing it in the trash, there’s a chance you can do it through the Walmart website.

The only item that can be traded in at Walmart for cash is cell phones.

For everything else such as iPads, laptops, MP3 players, wearables, and everything else on the list, customers will receive an eGift card in exchange for their old product as part of the Gadgets to Gifts program.

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