Walmart Vision Center Prices [Eye Exam, Glasses & More]

Planning to go to Walmart Vision Center, but how much will it cost? Here's all about Walmart Vision Center prices from eye exams, glasses, and more.

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world for a reason. To keep over 240 million weekly customers entering their store, Walmart doesn’t just offer good prices for their products.

On top of their products, Walmart customers can also avail themselves of a bunch of different services through their Auto Center, Money Service Center, and the focus of this article: the Walmart Vision Center.

At the Walmart Vision Center, you can avail yourself of a wide variety of different products such as lenses, contact lenses, and even glasses frames. On top of that, you can also get an eye exam at the Vision Center, making your weekly shopping trip that much more convenient.

But before going to any Walmart Vision Center, it’s important to know how much it’s going to cost you.

If you go on the internet or Walmart website, it can be hard to find the exact prices of different products and services.

That’s why we’re here.

In this article, we’ll be getting into the prices of all the different services available at the Walmart Vision Center, and other important information such as their return policy and the types of insurance they accept.

Read on to learn more.

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How Much Is Walmart Eye Exam?

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The cost of an eye exam from the Walmart Vision Center varies. It largely depends on your location and the type of eye exam you need. With that said, the common price range for Walmart Eye Exams ranges between $50-$100.

Aside from your location, the type of insurance you have also dictates the price of the exam. So, make sure to check with your insurance provider what kind of coverage they offer for eye exams to get an idea of the full cost.

And if you don’t have insurance, the average cost for an eye exam is around $73, but again, that depends on the type of exam you’re getting.

How Much Are Glasses At Walmart?

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This also depends on the type of frames you’re getting. For example, Walmart offers a wide range of basic prescription frames and even designer options. So, depending on the type of frames and lenses you need, the cost can change.

However, a basic pair of prescription glasses at Walmart will cost you between $10 to $40. But if you choose some of the designer options, you may have to pay an additional fee. The cheapest glasses at Walmart cost around $10-$15, but the designer options can go up to around $150.

When you buy frames at Walmart, they come with single vision lenses for free. But if you need any other type of lenses such as progressive lenses and transition lenses, you will have to pay extra for the lenses and the installation.

Different lenses at the Walmart Vision Center can range between $30 and $80, with impact-resistant lenses costing less at around $30 and bifocal lenses reaching up to $80.

Walmart also offers basic tinted glasses, progressive lenses, and even transition lenses. Another option available to most customers is the coating.

Customers can add an optional lens coating such as waterproof or scratch-resistant coatings that can cost up to $120. If you’re looking to get your lenses thinned at Walmart, that can cost up to $150.

These are for custom frames. You may also purchase tinted prescription glasses at Walmart for $10 to $30. Additionally, there are basic reading glasses also available at Walmart, which can set you back between $10-$25, but if you want more sophisticated ones it will cost you more, but the price usually doesn’t go above $100.

If you’re looking for computer glasses that reduce the UV light harm on your eyes, these are available at the Vision Center and start at $10 and can go up as high as $160, depending on the brand.

Compared to other stores and centers, the Walmart Vision Center offers good value for the price if you buy basic glasses. But if you opt for designer and higher-end options, the cost may rise.

How Much Are Contact Lenses At Walmart?

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Just like with the glasses, the cost of contact lenses at Walmart varies depending on the brand you choose. There are multiple brands of contact lenses available at Walmart such as;

  • Biotrue
  • Acuvue
  • Pure Vision
  • ProClear
  • Eureka

The brand of the lenses has a great influence on the price. But on top of that, the thickness, grade, and color tint of the lenses will also affect the price.

With that said, the price of contact lenses at Walmart is roughly around $14 on the cheaper end, but if you opt for the more premium options, the price can rise as high as $154.

When Is The Walmart Vision Center Open?

The Walmart Vision Center operating hours largely vary from store to store. While they are usually open from 9 AM to 7 PM, this might be different in your location. If you want to learn about the operating hours of your local Walmart Vision Center, you can find the contact number using the Walmart Store Finder Tool.

Can I Return Glasses And Contact Lenses To Walmart?

Yes, you can return glasses and contact lenses to Walmart. However, keep in mind that these may not fall under the same generous return policy of other Walmart items.

To start, prescription glasses aren’t returnable. If you get prescription glasses from Walmart, you cannot return them as they are custom items. However, if you receive the wrong lenses, you can get them replaced at the Vision Center for free.

While you can return contact lenses to Walmart, they must be unopened or unused. Alternatively, if the contact lenses were broken and defective before use, you can also return them to Walmart.

Unopened and unused contact lenses may be returned within a 90-day window after purchasing the product. However, if the lenses were opened, used, or the 90-day window has passed, Walmart can reject your return.


If you need to get your eyes checked, you can go to the Walmart Vision Center where you can get a checkup and even buy prescription glasses and frames. While the cost of the services and glasses largely varies depending on the type of product you’re buying or the type of exam you’re getting.

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