Does Walmart Make Wedding Cakes? [Cost, Wait Time, Designs & More]

Can you order wedding cakes from Walmart and what do they cost? Can you order online and is there a catalog? Find all your answers here.

Wedding cakes are an important part of modern culture. And with some people getting married at Walmart, there are many others wondering if Walmart weddings cakes are still a thing and whether they can buy them at their local Walmart.

So, what’s the deal with Walmart wedding cakes?

Wedding cakes are available at Walmart, and customers can either order custom cakes or buy a pre-made one. Prices on the Walmart wedding cakes catalog can vary, especially if a customer asks for a customized cake. However, the prices usually range between $60 and $140.

In this guide, we go through all the essential details you need to know about Walmart wedding cakes. We discuss where to find them, how to order them, and other important details you need to know.

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How Much Are Wedding Cakes At Walmart?

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Wedding cake prices at Walmart depend on the type, size, and level of customization on the cake. Most of the pre-made wedding cakes at Walmart will cost between $60-$140, and there is no flat rate on customized cakes.

Depending on your needs and order, the price of the cake will change. To learn more about the Walmart wedding cakes price list, you can visit the Walmart bakery or the Walmart website.

You can ask the staff at the bakery how much it will cost to customize a cake and all the different options available to you.

Can I Order Walmart Wedding Cakes Online?

Yes, you can order Walmart wedding cakes online. To do this, simply head to the website’s custom cake page. On the page, you can place orders, choose a design, flavors, and additional customizations to add a personal touch.

All Walmart cakes are hand decorated and made by professionals. When you place an order, the bakery will make the cake and you can pick it up once it’s ready.

Walmart Wedding Cake Flavors

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You can customize the Walmart wedding cake flavors along with the design. For the cake itself, you can choose chocolate, white chocolate, or yellow sponge flavor. Additionally, you can choose either Bavarian or Strawberry flavors for the custard.

Aside from the filling and sponge itself, you can also customize the buttercream icing flavor and color. There are many different colors and flavors to choose including red, royal blue, light blue, pink, and more.

To learn more about your customization options, head to your Walmart’s bakery and ask the staff.

Tips For Ordering Walmart Wedding Cakes

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When ordering wedding cakes at Walmart, especially customized ones, there are a couple of things you need to know. Here are some crucial tips for ordering Walmart wedding cakes online or in-store;

Order In Advance

It’s very important to have a wedding cake on the wedding day, so make sure to order in advance.

Ideally, you would want to have the cake ready the day before the wedding or ready for pick-up on the day itself. Whether you’re ordering online or in-store, it’s recommended to order your customized wedding cake at least 8 days before the event. The larger the cake or order, the earlier you should order.

It’s important to give the baker and staff as much time as possible to finish your order and fulfill all your needs and requests. Rush orders may result in you not getting the cake you want or not getting the cake on time, which you need to avoid at all costs.

Find The Walmart Bakery

While you can find a lot of information on the customized cakes page on the Walmart website, you can learn more by heading to the bakery.

All Walmart stores have a bakery in the store, and when you find it, you can ask the staff for the Walmart wedding cake catalog, price list, and all your customization options.

Customize The Cake

Weddings are a very personal day and affair, which is why it’s important for wedding cakes to have a personal touch. Remember, not all Walmart bakeries can customize a wedding cake, but if the option is available, we recommend taking it.

Talk to your local Walmart baker to find out what kind of designs and customizations they can do. From there, you can figure out the right design, size, and flavors of the cake together.

Customized wedding cakes at Walmart tend to be high quality, which is why it’s highly recommended to customize any wedding cake you order from the store.


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If you need to find a reliable, affordable, and quality store for a wedding cake, you can go to Walmart.

Walmart offers a wide array of different cakes including wedding and birthday cakes. You can choose from their list of pre-made cakes, but you can also customize the cake to your liking.

In some Walmarts, you can choose the flavor, color, and design of the cake, however, keep in mind that cake customization isn’t available at all Walmart bakeries.

When ordering a cake, the prices vary depending on the size and design. However, typically a wedding cake at Walmart can cost you anywhere between $60 and $140, but prices can potentially go higher for more complex and large cakes.

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