Does Walmart Take WIC? [How, Self-Checkout, Items & More]

Does Walmart accept WIC? Can you use a WIC card at Walmart's self-checkout? How do you use it? Here's the ultimate guide.

One of the main selling points of Walmart as a retailer is the wide range of products available at affordable prices in their stores. With that, Walmart is known as a grocery for people to go to if they are looking to save some money on their regular purchases.

Helping people save money is a key goal of Walmart, and is part of their vision and mission statement. Since their goal is to help people save and live better lives, does Walmart accept WIC?

WIC, or women, infant, and children program is designed to benefit and safeguard women and children who are at risk of not getting their nutrition. This is a government program that allows people who qualify to receive compensation for food, nutrition, and even the education of the mothers.

The WIC program helps out many individuals all around the United States. And in this guide, we’ll be looking if Walmart accepts WIC, how you can use WIC at Walmart, as well as items that can be bought using your WIC card at Walmart.

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Does Walmart Accept WIC?

Is Walmart A Franchise

As of 2023 Walmart accepts WIC benefits at most locations.

You can use WIC for a variety of different foods and products such as milk, cheese, canned fish, eggs, and others. However, there are some Walmarts that may reduce WIC and you cannot use your WIC card to pay for items purchased on the Walmart website.

How To Use WIC Card At Walmart Self-Checkout

All participating Walmarts that accept WIC benefits will allow you to use WIC at the self-checkout aisle. This can allow for a smoother and contact-free grocery experience.

Self-checkout at Walmart has been available since 2020, and is the preferred checkout method for many shoppers. In fact, using WIC to pay at self-checkout may actually be easier than at normal checkout. This is because you no longer have to separate WIC items from non-WIC items.

Simply scan all your items at the checkout lane, then when presented with the different payment options, select WIC. Alternatively, you can also swipe your WIC card directly. From there, the register will automatically detect the WIC items and process your payment. The rest of the items can be paid for through other means.

However, it’s still important to check the receipt to make sure all the WIC items went through. If you notice that there was a non-WIC item paid for by your card, you need to make the correction. For this, you will need to talk to the associate who is in the self-checkout area.

What Items Can I Pay For With WIC?


WIC is a program designed to help mothers, infants, and children with nutrition. So, at Walmart, you can use WIC to pay for a variety of different nutritional food items. You can buy the same items at Walmart with your WIC card that you can buy at any other place that accepts WIC payments.

There are a number of food categories that are approved by the USDA Supplemental Nutrition Program that you can pay for using WIC. These include breakfast cereal, canned fish, milk, mature legumes, juice, eggs, infant formula, whole wheat bread, yogurt, and peanut butter. Keep in mind that these aren’t all the items you can pay for with WIC, these are just some of the common options.

So, for a full list of items that you can pay for with WIC benefits, check out this list here.

Can You Use WIC Online At Walmart?

No, you cannot use WIC to pay for food items when shopping on the Walmart website. If you wish to use WIC to pay for food items at Walmart, you have to physically go to the store and pick the items out yourself.


Walmart store exterior

Walmart will accept WIC benefits to pay for a variety of different food items. You may only use WIC to pay for approved food categories under the USDA Supplemental Nutrition Program.

While you can use WIC at self and normal checkout lanes, you must be at the Walmart store to use your WIC card. You cannot use WIC benefits to pay for purchases made on the Walmart website.

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