Walmart Wrong Price Policy [Price Check, What To Do & More]

Has Walmart made a pricing error? What is Walmart's wrong price policy? Here is the answer to this very popular query.

There might be a chance that on your next shopping trip to Walmart the advertised price of a product is different from the price on the register. This is known as a mispricing or a pricing mistake, and it could potentially offer you a way to pay a lower price for a specific item or product.

But how can a store as big as Walmart make pricing mistakes?

With thousands of different products in all its stores, mispricing is bound to happen every now and then at Walmart. And if you catch the misprice before buying the item then well and good, but what if you ended up paying the wrong price for a specific product on the Walmart shelves?

Well, that’s where we come in. In this guide, we’ll be explaining the Walmart misprice policy, what to do if you buy mispriced items and the differences in policies in the United States and Canada.

Read on to learn more.

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What Is The Walmart Pricing Error Policy?

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If a product at Walmart is mispriced, then customers may receive a difference of up to $20 when checking out at the counter. This is the common policy that Walmart has with mispriced items, but keep in mind this only goes for differences of up to $20.

So, if the price difference is greater than $20, it is completely up to the store manager to make the adjustment.

Does Walmart Honor Price Mistakes?

Yes, as long as the Walmart stocker is the one who made the mistake, then Walmart will honor the price mistakes. With that said, if another customer takes an item and places it on the wrong counter or shelf, then Walmart will not honor that price mistake.

Take for example, if the Walmart stocker put the items on the wrong shelves and as a result, the products get listed at a lower price, then you have grounds to pay for the lower price. However, if the Walmart stocker wasn’t the person who made a mistake, then you can’t ask or demand a lower price.

To make sure the price mistake is honored, it’s best to take a picture of the item on the wrong shelf before buying it. Additionally, Walmart usually only honors price mistakes lesser than $20.

For price mistakes greater than $20, it is completely up to the store manager if they will honor the price mistake.

Also, it’s important to note that this is only Walmart’s policy. Currently, there are no US laws that mandate retailers to honor price mistakes and it is usually up to the company what they will do in the event of wrong pricing on their shelves.

Why Are There Mispriced Items At Walmart?

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Usually, price mistakes are because of a Walmart stocker, who may make these mistakes because of a variety of reasons.

The reason some items are mispriced at Walmart could be that other customers have moved them to different shelves or to sale sections at the store. Additionally, if a Walmart stocker is new, there is a chance they aren’t familiar with what items go on what shelves. And as a result, these items get mispriced.

All Walmart staff and associates do their job well. However, there are some mistakes that can’t be avoided. Sometimes Walmart stockers don’t know where to put certain items, sometimes they forget, and other times, it could be someone else’s fault entirely.

What Is The Walmart Pricing Error Policy In Canada?

The Retail Council of Canada has rules in place so that shoppers don’t buy items at a price higher than advertised. So, if you notice a pricing error at Walmart Canada and if you are charged more than the advertised price, you are entitled to receive a $10 discount on the item or receive it for free.

However, this rule only applies to Walmart Canada, so if you’re shopping in a US Walmart and notice a pricing error, then the policy may be different.


Walmart Price Adjustment Policy

If you notice a pricing error at Walmart, you may be able to get a discount. If a Walmart stocker has made a mistake in placing the item and the advertised price is lower than the actual price, then you can receive the difference. However, this only applies to a difference lower or equal to $20.

For price mistakes larger than $20, it is up to the store manager to decide what price you have to pay for the product.

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