When Does Walmart Restock? [Groceries, Electronics & More]

Coming to Walmart when they restock is ideal to not run out of items. So, when does Walmart restock its shelves? Here's the answer to that and more.

One of the premier characteristics of any Walmart store is convenience. When Sam Walton originally founded the first Walmart store, his goal was to provide customers with a wide variety of products at a competitive price. This is how the store originally attracted customers.

And throughout the years, Walmart has done a lot to make the shopping process much easier. From setting up the Walmart e-commerce website, all the way to introducing self-checkout lanes, Walmart is dedicated to providing a better shopping experience for customers.

For the most part, Walmart stays true to this philosophy of theirs. However, no retailer is perfect. And sometimes, you might go to Walmart and find out that the product you planned on buying is out of stock.

This is really annoying, and it could ruin your shopping trip. To avoid this, it might be better for customers to plan and time their shopping trips around the time Walmart restocks shelves.

That way, you can make sure that any and all products you need will be available at Walmart when you go shopping. And if they aren’t you know the different days and hours Walmart associates will restock the item on shelves.

With that said, figuring out when Walmart restocks certain items can be tough. But that’s why we’re here.

In this article, we’ll be going through Walmart’s restocking days for different items like electronics, groceries, and other products in the stores. On top of that, we go through how long it takes for Walmart to restock certain items as well as ways you might be able to check the stock levels of certain items at your local Walmart.

Read on to learn more.

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How Often Does Walmart Restock?

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Walmart continuously restocks groceries and other products. Walmart hosts over 75 million different products. And with that sheer amount of products, you can expect that some items will run out of stock from time to time.

But to keep Walmart customers from going to their stores and shopping there on a regular basis, Walmart associates are constantly restocking different shelves whenever an item runs out. This is the same for electronics, food, groceries, and a wide range of other products.

Typically, stocks stay at a proper level during the first shift of Walmart employees. However, during the second and third shifts, associates can see the items with low stock levels and re-stock them as needed.

However, for certain items, restocking isn’t as common. And to help you wrap your head around the different restocking times and days for different Walmart items, here’s a quick guide.

When Does Walmart Restock Toys?

Toys are a standard product at Walmart. Typically, if a certain toy product runs out of stock on the shelves, associates will replace it as soon as they notice the item is missing. Generally, this is between 7 AM and 1 PM daily. If stock runs out after 1 PM, it may take Walmart up to the next day restock.

When Does Walmart Restock Groceries?

To make sure that customers have access to all the groceries they need, Walmart will restock their groceries every single day. But for some popular products, that isn’t enough. So, if stocks of a grocery item run out during the day, an associate will restock the shelves within the same day.

When Does Walmart Restock Electronics?

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Walmart doesn’t have a schedule for restocking electronics. So, the time of the day that Walmart restocks phones, TVs, speakers, and other items can vary from store to store.

However, associates will always try to make sure that they restock these items during non-peak hours. This makes for a safer and more efficient process, while also making sure that most customers don’t see associates restocking the shelves.

So, you can expect Walmart to restock electronics when the store is not busy, which could be any time between 12 PM and 7 AM. However, keep in mind that this can vary from store to store.

When Does Walmart Restock Clothes?

Clothing at Walmart is similar to their toys. Associates try to restock these items throughout the day. So, you may find Walmart associates restocking the clothes on Walmart shelves any time between 7 AM to 1 PM.

When Does Walmart Restock Online?

Walmart doesn’t have a schedule for restocking items on its website. Instead, if you shop on their website and the product is out of stock, Walmart will notify you that it isn’t in stock at the moment.

On top of that, Walmart doesn’t have a system to give you an estimate of when the item will be restocked. This is because Walmart isn’t the only vendor on their website.

There are many third-party vendors on the Walmart site. So, restocking schedules can be even more erratic and unpredictable than in the physical Walmart stores. If your item is out of stock on the Walmart website, it would help to revisit the site every couple of days to check if they have restocked the item.

What Time Does Walmart Restock Products?

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Walmart doesn’t have a set time or schedule for restocking items. So, customers can’t rely on Walmart associates to restock the shelves at a specific time or day of the week. Instead, Walmart associates usually restock the shelves as needed.

However, employees try their best to restock items when there aren’t a lot of people in the store. So, you can expect Walmart employees to restock items on the shelves between 12 PM and 7 AM.

For some items, employees will only restock between 7 AM and 12 PM. If the item runs out of stock after that time, you may have to wait until the next day before it’s on the shelves again.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Have A Restocking Schedule?

Walmart aims to make the shopping experience more convenient for customers. And if the company follows a strict restocking schedule, items that run out of stock before the schedule will remain out of stock for a couple of hours or days.

This can hurt the store as customers want to have all the products they need available at all times. And to make sure that all items are in-stock at all times, Walmart associates restock items as needed throughout the day.

Since Walmart associates are always checking on stock levels and making sure all the items are available, customers won’t run into trouble when shopping at Walmart. At any given time, you can visit a Walmart Supercenter and expect all the items to be available.

While this makes for a very convenient in-store shopping process, the online shopping process takes a major hit with this model. When shopping online, you can’t get an estimate on how long Walmart takes to restock an item, which can be very frustrating.

Additionally, not having a restocking schedule allows for more flexibility. Remember, there are many different Walmart locations around the US that some trucks and deliveries will take longer to arrive in certain locations.

How Long Does It Take For Walmart To Restock An Item In-Store?

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Again, Walmart associates are constantly restocking items throughout the day. However, if they aren’t able to restock right away, you don’t have to wait too long for the item to come back to the store. Typically, it only takes around 1-2 days for a Walmart associate to restock on certain items.

So, if the product you want is not available right now, you can try revisiting the store in a day or two to see if Walmart has restocked.

Remember, Walmart’s stock levels depend on a number of factors such as delivery, times the demand, and the product itself.

If you want to check if an item is in-stock at your local Walmart before your shopping trip, you can check your local store’s inventory using the app. The Walmart app is free to download for both Apple and Android users, which can make for a very easy and convenient way to check on stock levels.

That way, you don’t have to go all the way to Walmart just to find out that an item isn’t in-stock and come back another day to check again.


Walmart doesn’t follow a strict restocking schedule to make sure that customers can access any product in their store at any time.

With that said, there are many factors that can go into whether or not an item is in-stock at your local Walmart, so it’s always best to use the Walmart app to check on your local store’s inventory before heading there for your regular groceries.

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