Where Is Cheesecloth In Walmart? [Quick Guide]

Where can you find cheesecloth in Walmart? What is the precise location of cheesecloth in Walmart stores? Here are the precise details.

Walmart offers a wide range of household necessities and essentials. However, with this comprehensive collection comes a lot of products, and many people have a hard time finding specific items in a store that covers 106,000 square feet on average.

Cheesecloth is a common household item readily available at Walmart that you can usually find in the kitchen utensil aisle. However, since cheesecloth isn’t a regular item on the weekly grocery list, many customers have difficulty finding it when shopping at Walmart.

In this quick guide, we explain the usual Walmart cheesecloth location, how to find cheesecloth on the Walmart website, and even where to find it in most other groceries.

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What Aisle Is Cheesecloth In At Walmart?

Homemade cottage cheese

Cheesecloth can usually be found in the kitchen utensils aisle of Walmart.

Customers can typically find it next to the strainers, tea towels, and other cooking gadgets.

However, some Walmart locations may stock up their cheesecloth in the crafts section or the kitchen cleaning aisle next to the paper towels.

Find Cheesecloth Through The Walmart App & Website

Walmart Website

If you don’t want to head to a physical store, you can also find cheesecloth online. Since the Walmart cheesecloth location can vary depending on the store, ordering it online can be a more convenient option.

If you’re looking to find and order cheesecloth and other Walmart items online, you may want to consider downloading the Walmart app available on Android and Apple phones.

Why download the app?

With the Walmart app, you can locate the exact store, aisle, and shelf where they stock the cheesecloth. To do this, enter your zip code and find your local Walmart store, then type cheesecloth into the search bar.

You can do this in-store or even before you go shopping.

If your local store has cheesecloth in stock, then the app will show the exact location of the item. And if the app can’t help you find where the cheesecloth is, you can also ask any Walmart employee for assistance.

Where Is Cheesecloth In Other Grocery Stores?

Target store

Every grocery store and location may stock their cheesecloth in a different area. However, major stores such as Publix, Target, Meijer, and Kroger typically place these items in the kitchen utensil aisle.

If you can’t find cheesecloth in those aisles, you can also check the paper goods aisle of the crafts department. You can also ask employers at the store about the location, and they will usually point you to the exact location.


When shopping for cheesecloth at Walmart, the first place to look is the kitchen utensil aisle. Most Walmarts will stock the item in that location. However, there’s also a chance you might find it in the crafts department or kitchen cleaning aisle.

If you’re having a hard time finding the Walmart cheesecloth location at your local store, you can also use the Walmart+ App or ask any attendant near you.

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