Who Makes Aldi Products? [Chips, Ice Cream, Electronics & More]

Curious about who makes Aldi products? From chips to electronics, here's everything we've found about their manufacturers and suppliers.

Aldi is a grocery chain taking the American market by storm. And if you haven’t shopped at an Aldi, it’s highly recommended that you check it out as they offer tons of great things to just about any shopper.

From low prices to a variety of unique products, Aldi has it all. And this shouldn’t be a surprise, considering that it’s regularly one of the top discount supermarkets in the German market.

But if you have tried out shopping at Aldi, you’ve probably seen a variety of Aldi brand products, and if you’ve tried them out, you were also probably surprised at how high-quality they were. So, this begs the question: Who makes Aldi products?

The answer to this is pretty hard, considering that they offer a wide variety of private-label goods from beer, to chips, to ice cream, all the way to ketchup and diapers! Each of these products may have a different manufacturer, which is why some shoppers have a hard time researching Aldi products.

That’s why we’re here.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve collected as much information as we can about a variety of different Aldi products and their suppliers and manufacturers. That way, you can really find out where these products come from before buying them.

Read on to learn more.

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Aldi: A Brief History

The frontage and brand logo of a branch of German discount retai

Adli’s roots can be traced back to 1913, when their first store was opened in Essen, Germany. However, after WWII, the sons of Aldi’s founder took over the business and prioritized keeping prices and costs low for post-war Germany.

And because of this, Aldi quickly grew, and by 1950 they had over 300 stores in Germany. But due to a disagreement between the two brothers on whether or not to sell cigarettes, Aldi was divided into Aldi Nord (North) and Aldi Sud (South) in Germany.

Fast forward to 1976, Aldi opened its first store in the US. And from there, they kept on growing. And currently, there are over 5,600 different Aldi stores worldwide, with over 1,600 Aldi US stores.

Aldi Brands: Who Makes Them?

If you’ve been to an Aldi store in the US, you know that they offer a wide variety of private-label products. These are a bunch of high-quality items like ice cream, chips, cereal, and even diapers. These products are one of the major reasons Aldi is such a popular store in the US and around the world.

However, if you go to their grocery, you may be wondering where these products come from. After all, when shopping and paying for different items, you want to know their origin and who manufactures them.

It can be hard to find an Aldi supplier list solely because of the sheer number of products at their stores. This is because most of their products are made by a variety of different manufacturers as Aldi doesn’t do the manufacturing in-house.

So, here’s a quick rundown of the different manufacturers and suppliers for Aldi products as of 2023. We couldn’t compile the suppliers of all Aldi products, but we made sure to include the most popular and important ones.

Who Makes Aldi Ice Cream?

Adli’s ice cream is a mixed bag. For starters, it’s on the pricier side as a 16 oz. tub of Aldi ice cream can cost you up to $5 compared to a Ben & Jerry’s tub with the same amount that sells for less than $3.

On top of that, customers give mixed reviews about the product. While there are many customers who claim this is some of the best ice creams they’ve ever tasted, others complain about the taste being too “milky”. This probably boils down to different palettes and taste preferences.

However, if you like Aldi Ice Cream, you’ll be pleased to know that it is manufactured by Ludington’s House of Flavors. Many people speculate if Aldi’s ice cream is actually Ben & Jerry’s under a different name, but this is not the case.

And if you buy ice cream from the Aldi Sundae Shop label, it comes from Fieldbrook Foods Corporations, since it is a different type of ice cream from a different supplier.

Who Makes Clancy’s Chips For Aldi?

Handsome young man eating tasty potato chips at home

Adli’s chips are sold under the name “Clancy’s Chips” and they are a favorite for many customers and consumers. These are high-quality potato chips that can compete with other name brand options out there, but the difference is they won’t cost you more than $2-$3, which means you get high-quality snacks at a bargain price.

With that said, since Clancy’s Chips comes in a variety of flavors and types, they are sourced from different locations. If you get their wavy or regular chips, these come from Old Yorke Potato Chips. However, if you get the apple cinnamon chips, the Seneca Snack Corporation supplies them.

Additionally, there are a few Clancy’s Chips options manufactured by the Barrel ‘O Fun company from Minnesota.

Who Makes Aldi Cereal?

Millville Cereal from Aldi is pretty hard to research. There are many customers that just assumed that these were made by General Mill’s, but multiple sources say that this isn’t true. So, to find the manufacturer of Milville Cereal, you need to dig a bit deeper.

These cereals are produced by the MOM Company out of Minnesota. However, this company was bought out by Post Holdings in 2015, so it’s safe to assume they took over manufacturing.

So, if you’re buying Milville Cereal at Aldi, it likely came from Post Holdings. This company is responsible for the brand’s bagged and boxed cereal options.

With that said, the Milville granola options are actually manufactured by New England Natural Bakers out of Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Who Makes Aldi Ketchup?

Because of the way the bottle is designed, there are many people that assume Aldi’s ketchup, Burman’s brand is made by Heinz. However, while the packaging looks the same, these two ketchup brands are manufactured in different areas by different companies.

Many customers find Burman’s Ketchup comparable, if not better than the Heinz option. As of 2023, finding the exact manufacturer of the ketchup is hard. However, customers can rest assured that this ketchup offers the classic flavor that everyone knows and loves.

Who Makes Aldi Diapers?

When you have a child, you can expect a wave of new expenses. So, if you can find high-quality diapers on a budget, you hit a goldmine. This is why many new parents opt for Aldi diapers and stick with the brand if they have more kids after that.

This is because Aldi diapers hold up very well compared to the top competitors like huggies. However, the difference is that these diapers sell for around 14 cents a piece, which is much cheaper than the 80 cents a piece for other brands.

And based on research, Aldi’s diapers are manufactured by First Quality, LLC. This company has two different facilities in the US that they use for diaper manufacturing.

On top of Aldi’s diapers, First Quality also makes a variety of paper towels and even have their own brand of diapers. They are a pretty well-known brand, which is why you can trust in the quality of Aldi’s diapers.

Who Makes Aldi Almond Milk?

Currently, most people state that the Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy is in charge of Aldi’s almond milk production. Based on research, this is true. The Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy’s parent brand is based in Germany, which is where Aldi originates.

Almond milk is a great alternative for people who don’t enjoy or cannot stomach cow’s milk. On top of that, it’s healthier. With that said, almond milk can also be on the pricier side, which is why many customers flock to the high-quality and affordable almond milk at Aldi.

Who Makes Aldi Bread Products?

Women bying bread

Aldi’s bread products are very affordable, with certain white bread loaves selling for less than a dollar. And if you’re on the fence about Aldi’s loaves, you can rest assured that they are made by high-quality manufacturers.

As of 2023, Aldi’s bread products are made by Sara Lee Products, which is based in the USA and manufacturers a bunch of other brands as well. This is why Aldi’s bread quality might be familiar to some customers even if they’ve never tried it before.

However, this is only for US stores. If you’re shopping at Aldi Australia, the bread is likely sourced from Davies Bakery, which supplies a variety of products for different brands in Australia.

Who Makes Aldi Beer?

The exact manufacturer of the beer at Aldi largely depends on the type of beer you’re buying. Aldi beers are made by different labels and breweries. And while their beer isn’t as popular as their wine options, there are many people on the market who say Aldi beer is comparable to other name brands.

The Third Street Microbrewery Beers you find in Aldi is actually a microbrewery in Minnesota that partnered with the company. The Wernesgrüner Pilsner beer you can find at Aldi is imported from Germany and manufactured by a company that dates back 600 years.

And if you buy the White Tide, Imperium, or Brens Lager options, these are made in Belgium by Brouwerij Marten NV makes their own private label beers.

Certain options at Aldi such as the Independence Harbor Amber Ale hails from Custom Taps Brewer in the US and also makes their Wild Range IPA.

There are other beers available at Aldi such as Cerveza Monterrey, which they import from Guatemala. Lastly, there are a couple of other beers made by US breweries such as Hopping Nomad IPA, Ryder No 8 Blonde Ale, and Brecken Bock, which are all made by the State of Brewing company.

Lastly, the Holland No 9 option, as the name suggests is imported from the Netherlands, from the Swinkels Family Brewers, who have a large range of different beers that you may be familiar with.

Who Makes Aldi Baby Formula?

Aldi has a whole line of baby essentials under their Little Journey label, including baby formula. Their baby formula is believed to be made by Perrigo Nutritionals. This is the same manufacturer for other private labels that you may find in Kroger’s and other stores.

Who Makes Aldi Salad Mixes?

If you’re looking to throw together a vegetarian meal in a matter of minutes, you can buy Aldi’s mixed salad bags. These bags only sell for around $1.49 at Aldi and offer an affordable and convenient option for many shoppers. On top of that, these bags are manufactured by Fresh Express, which sells their own bags for almost $3.50.

The Fresh Express brand is based in California. However, a lot of their vegetables actually come from different farms all over the US including some areas in Mexico.

Who Makes Aldi Trail Mix?

Trail mix is a nutritious and filling snack. This is a great option for people on trail runs and hikes as it gives you a boost of energy, but even if you’re just working from home, having trail mix on hand can give you that boost you need to finish the day.

And if you’re looking for affordable and tasty trail mix, you can get it at Aldi. A bag of their mix is only around $2.65 and is manufactured by the King Nut company, which works from Ohio.

Certain nuts from Aldi may also be supplied by Kanan Enterprises, so make sure to check the product you’re buying to understand who the manufacturer is. Aside from trail mix, customers can also avail of nuts at Aldi which are manufactured by the Superior Nut Company.

Who Makes Aldi Pesto Sauce?

Pesto sauce

While making pesto is easier, it might be more convenient for a lot of people to just buy pre-made sauce that they can mix with their pasta. And at Aldi’s, you can find exactly this for only $2.19. For comparison, there are other deli brands that sell the same product but sell it for over $6.

Aldi’s Pesto Sauce is actually manufactured by a German company known as BLM Produktions-und Vertriebsges mbH & Co KG. This company specializes in different kinds of pasta and related products like the Aldie pesto sauce.

Who Makes Aldi TVs?

Another private label product you can find at Aldi’s is TVs. While other large retailers like Walmart and Costco sell a wide range of televisions, none of them have their own private label. Aldi’s TV brand is known as Bauhn.

Currently, it can be hard to find the exact manufacturer and supplier of Bauhn TVs. However, rumors going around point to these TVs actually being made by TLC because of their quality and similarities.

However, aside from TVs, Bauhn also makes headphones, speakers, and a variety of other products.

Sadly, as of 2023, customers won’t be able to find Aldi’s Bauhn TVs in the United States. Instead, these products are available in Aldi’s Australian branches. Currently, Aldi’s TVs in Australia sell for roughly $1,000 for a full-HD 75-inch Ultra 4K TV.

Who Makes Aldi Gin?

Another private label product you can find on Aldi shelves is gin, which may come as a surprise to some people. However, most people point to Aldi’s gin as competing with other brands in the same price range.

This could largely be attributed to the fact that Aldi sources its gin from Blackwater Distillery in County Waterford. The exact name of Aldi’s gin brand is Boyle’s, and it’s known for its blackcurrant flavors that come from different infusions like blackcurrants, apples, and elderflowers.

Who Makes Aldi Tools?

You can find a bunch of private-label home improvement tools at Aldi. These come from the WorkZone label, and unlike other Aldi products, these ones don’t have one manufacturer. This is because different parts of the product’s process are sourced from different areas in the US.

So, along with many others, one of Aldi Tool’s main manufacturers is the US company Merotec USA. Research also shows that some aspects of the production are handled by Keter.

When you buy a set of tools and home improvement kits at Aldi, you can find out more about their manufacturer by reading the warranty and manuals page. If you can’t find the manual of your tool kit, this is also readily available on the Aldi website.

Are Aldi Brands Good?

Noblesville Circa March 2018: Aldi Discount Supermarket. Aldi sells a range of grocery items, including produce, meat & dairy, at discount prices I

Generally, customers really enjoy Aldi products. This isn’t just because of the variety and quality of their products, but also the price. When shopping at Aldi, you can save a lot of money by choosing their private label over other name brands.

With that said, certain products like their ice cream have a mixed bag of reviews, but that’s because everyone has their own tastes and palettes.

However, whenever you go to Aldi, you can rest assured that you can access a wide variety of different products from different brands, including their private labels.


Aldi is a major grocery store. It is one of the largest in the world, with thousands of stores in different countries and continents. And one of the biggest reasons for their popularity is the different private label brands at their stores.

At any Aldi store, you can buy a wide variety of private label products that are all high-quality. And with this variety of products comes a variety of manufacturers. But with this list, you now have a clear idea of who manufacturers some of Aldi’s most popular items.

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